Art of shaving sandalwood.

Your identity - it is your thoughts.

I think that many people interested in aromatherapy, but not always know how to use scents that do not harm yourself.

Aromas have a huge positive impact on human emotions. Ionic components of essential oils increase sensitivity, openness to the energy of the cosmos. Fragrances helping restore an aura, find a taste for good and justice, to remove the complexes and malevolence. Plants - a green pointers road to happiness and harmony. Each essential oil properties of some influence on human bioenergetics.

Initial use of essential oils (flavors, spices) requires caution and moderation.


There are many ways to use essential oils. They are used in aromakurilnitsah and sprayer, add them in cosmetics, take in, are in aromamedalonah, aromatyzuyut handkerchiefs and underwear. Since essential oils do hot and cold compresses, baths, use them in massage, rubbing, in hot and cold inhalation, causing the skin and energy points of the body.


Aromomedalony - 1-3 drops.


Aromokuritelnitsy - 5-7 drops.


Drawing on the skin and energy points of the body - 5-7 drops of pre-mixed with 20 mg of vegetable oil, lotion, cream.


You can also experiment and mix flavors as they wish.


To your home or at work was always present positive energy, and strife, conflicts, and settle financial problems bypassed party temptation to create this positive energy where you are. Since ancient times our ancestors cleared their homes not only water but also spices. They knew their price, and some fragrances valued more than gold.


We shallows somehow all this knowledge. We are probably much more pleasant time to sit and complain about life, something to ponder over how we live and have done to change your life, fill it with happiness. Strange: mathematical, geographical and other scientific knowledge we perceive and use them for the development of civilization, but the knowledge of the Laws of the Universe, which were available to our ancestors, we reject. In these times of wisdom embedded knowledge, people, this knowledge helped our great-grandfather to live in harmony with the environment.


Smells, odor, make a favorable impact on thought and human health. Our spirits fall under the influence of aromas least physical condition, smells can affect our performance, behavior. Using spices can purify human energy and housing environment.


Some odors promote appetite, increase efficiency and other attention, placed us a romantic mood. Smells sweet (eucalyptus, marjoram, lime, cedar, birch) may have a beneficial effect on breathing or suppress it (poplar, valerian).


Stimulate the cardiovascular system aromas of lilac, hawthorn, camphor and others smell of bergamot, jasmine, black pepper filled with energy.


With flavors we can not only affect their health, improve it, get rid of stress, depression, increase efficiency and immunity but also to make any changes in traits and environment.


Aromas of vanilla and cinnamon in the kitchen create the atmosphere of goodwill and peace, in addition to these flavors favorably affect the digestion of food, rose and art of shaving sandalwood scents in the bedroom will strengthen family ties. Lemon flavor in the office workplace will increase efficiency and bergamot fragrance will fill you with energy. Aromas of jasmine, orange, tangerine, lemon, cedar, will attract in your office, shop the right people, many customers. Agreement will be signed on required conditions that bring you far bo2lshuyu profit.


Advice for women. If you have a family scandals are often delayed and people at work, you too can resort to magic fragrances.


In the evening take a bath, adding a few drops of rose oil. Aroma Roses relieve fatigue and improve mood. After the bath, wipe the face, arms, neck, rosemary oil, for this purpose advise fragrant olive oil (any dilute aromatic oils in the following proportions: 15 ml olive oil and 2-3 drops of aromatic). Oil of rosemary adds a freshness and skin elasticity, rejuvenates it, and enhances sexual desire. You can add it also in the cream.


At the drop of hair oil basil (it will break partner), chest, shoulders and underarm hollow brush with myrrh oil, thighs - art of shaving sandalwood oil, and lower abdomen - cedar oil (it stimulates great sexual energy). Feet can lubricate oil patchouli.


How often can light candles in the bedroom, rub with oil of cloves, juniper, cardamom, rose or art of shaving sandalwood. A pillow under her lover can put the bag with herbs (fragrances) zolototysyachnyka, saffron and sage and jasmine, ginger and oregano. These flavors can saturate and bed linen.


And never use perfume at night, do not rinse shampoo at night, does not prevent odors. This may alienate rather than attract. Be the sorceress, the fairy, and you will never know the bitterness of betrayal and loneliness ...


Each month is a day when the need for a thorough cleaning of rooms where you work or live. On these days, light candles and incense fumigate the premises. To clear space, home, office, store energy from zastoyaloy good use scents of juniper, bergamot, art of shaving sandalwood, rose, pine and cedar, and your life is filled with bright colors, you will find peace and joy of life.


Some essential oils to give effect to people born under different zodiac signs.




• The smell of spruce needles calm dad. This scent also helps to rejuvenate the body.


• Thyme brings on depression and quickly restore physical strength.


• Sandal help in moving cases reinforce material wealth, attract trusted partners.


• Lavender sagebrush and calm the nerves, remove unnecessary nervousness, peace be fed and remove stress.


• lily, fennel and nutmeg contraindicated Aries, they bring fuss and nervousness, irritability and to attract Aries unpleasant situation.


• Scent roses beautiful only if you have some trouble. They can also sometimes use when cleaning the premises on ubutnomu months. And do it to within 8 days.




• Odor lily Taurus make more gentle and open, appealing and responsive.


• tarragon, dill, rosemary, lavender, fir, juniper - these smells unfavorable effect on the Taurus.


• Aromas of musk and thyme are good only if any unpleasant situation. They obkuryuyut room, office, house, apartment, room or two a day for 6 days. But once the situation is corrected, the smells of thyme and musk better forgotten.


• hyssop, myrtle, frankincense, art of shaving sandalwood give Taurus calm and clear of negative energy.


• rose fragrance to attract him prosperity, wealth and success in all areas of life.




• Pine and myrrh inheritance Gemini charm and magic.


• Lily strengthen intuition.


• Muscat, rose, thyme, myrtle and art of shaving sandalwood assist in dealing with unpleasant situations and problems. You can use them when cleaning the room aromas, light in the room where you are. You can do it at any time, but once the situation normalizes, these flavors do not use, not to bring on trouble.


• If you want to allow a situation, the question for you good smells of spruce, lavender, wormwood - they mobilize your forces and capabilities that help to solve important cases. But use them constantly is not recommended because it will lead to fatigue.



• Aromas hyssop, rosemary, juniper, fennel, frankincense surround Twins energy happiness in his life will attract success, happiness, joy and prosperity.




• Aromas of roses and musk strengthen love relationships, inheritance Cancer charm and attract the attention of the opposite sex.


• Aromas of pine, lavender, wormwood, thyme, spruce is not recommended for cancer. They quickly tire him and make nervousness and confusion in the case.


• lily fragrance will strengthen and protect you from trouble and alien influence and impact.


• art of shaving sandalwood fragrance myrtle and strengthen business relationships, attract success in business. Fumigate the premises, office, office, housing these flavors, and you'll always have a prosperous man.




• rose fragrance to attract the lion's love, will strengthen this feeling, filled with warmth and tenderness marital union.


• aroma of juniper, lily, sagebrush, spruce, lavender helps eliminate the trouble, but these flavors is not recommended to use after the troubles will be eliminated. These scents suppress Lion and cause nervousness, depression.


• Aromas of dill, rosemary, art of shaving sandalwood can help you be successful, rich, attract success and prosperity into your life.


• Smells frankincense, hyssop, pine and strengthen the forces of Lion and its impact.




• myrrh fragrance will attract love, and put relations tenderness and warmth.


• Lebanon, fennel cleanse the energy of negative energy, strengthen and protect her from evil.


• rosemary, spruce, hemlock give peace, improve health, increase efficiency.


• musk fragrance charge cheerfulness.


• Rose put you obdaruye charm and youth.




• Juniper enhance your health.


• Ladan fir protect you from trouble and harm.


• rose fragrance will fill your own.


• art of shaving sandalwood fragrance will attract success into your life and happy situation, strengthen your position in society.




• Sandal and myrtle attract into your life new acquaintances needed and reliable partners, will give you success and prosperity. They will strengthen family ties, provide a sense of joy, love and tenderness.


• Lavender, juniper, spruce, hemlock will save you from mistakes.


• Aroma Roses protect against foreign influence


• fragrance myrrh, art of shaving sandalwood, musk, pine can be used only in those moments when you feel the lethargy and fatigue. Use their recommended very rarely, they cause uncontrolled aggression, overexcited, provoke chaos in Scorpio.


• lily fragrance surrounds the Scorpion harmony.




• juniper and rosemary help strengthen your position and attract good luck in your business.


• rose fragrance you put attractiveness and wit.


• lily fragrance relaxed you will relax and pleasure.


• Mirt, thyme, pine, frankincense, and the world, hyssop be fed by you, vivacity, strengthen the mind and body.




• Mirt, rose, art of shaving sandalwood and nutmeg to attract you and trusted partners for help.


• tarragon, lavender will satisfy and help you relax.




• Rose, nutmeg, myrtle and art of shaving sandalwood attract wealth into your life and happiness, love and prosperity. These scents will fill your life with harmony and prosperity.


• aroma of lavender and lilies will bring peace and understanding in your life.


• Pine will save you the trouble and misery.


• Thyme filled with strength and confidence.


• aroma of dill cushions from evil and alien influence.


• El, hemlock, juniper, rosemary will make in your life the atmosphere of prosperity, security and comfort.




• hyssop amplifies intuition.


• Aroma rosemary and lilies fill you power will save you the trouble and evil.


• Art of shaving sandalwood and Thyme in your life to attract prosperity, luck and success.


• juniper, hemlock, spruce, lavender strengthen immunity and help to solve problems and make correct decisions.


• fragrance musk, art of shaving art of shaving sandalwood, rose, myrtle, frankincense, myrrh surround the harmonious energy of joy, happiness, pride and prosperity.


Children are not recommended for use clove oil, oregano, camphor, cinnamon, laurel, marjoram, eucalyptus, juniper, rosemary, Muska, Twohy, thyme, tea tree.


You can not be applied to the skin diluted essential oils.


Citrus oil (orange, tangerine, grapefruit) is not recommended to put on your skin before going outdoors. They increase its sensitivity.


All essential oils should be stored in tightly sealed dark bubbles in the refrigerator as they spoil quickly.


If you do not like the smell of oil, its use should not be.


Aromatherapy, like color therapy, music therapy - a science of the future, because we're not ready to fully accept the wisdom and knowledge of their ancestors. This is not a new branch of science is simply forgotten our knowledge, used by people of past eras. They used knowledge about the world with joy and ease. And we live in, based on other values vidmitayuchy that time is valuable, that left us a legacy former generation inhabitants of the Earth.


I turned to friend asking for more successful opening of the company and say whether the company name to him and his partner. I did the calculations and found a safe time for opening the firm, and data to partners, and company name and the date of its discovery were the most successful for both founders. And for the safe operation of the company was made mascot. I gave advice on how you can apply feng shui in the office and how to "clean" the company from negative energy.


At the end of this chapter, I suggest you ritual which satisfied the power of the universe and its elements. You can nahovoryty to tape some text and use it inappropriately. I am bringing here your text to use for sessions, if you like it, it can nachytaty just pick music that will relax and at the same time you filled the power and joy of Being.


You turned the tape recorder, music sounds relaxing, but before filling the bath with warm water. Water temperature not exceeding 37-38 ° C. The bath add 10 drops of oils: cedar, orange, bergamot, cinnamon or patchouli, rose, lemon, coriander, cup of honey (if no contraindications). Light a candle, relax, lying in the tub.

Art of shaving sandalwood

Image 1: Art of shaving sandalwood.

Art of shaving sandalwood

Image 2: Art of shaving sandalwood.

art of shaving sandalwood

Image 3: Art of shaving sandalwood.

Try not to think about anything specific, let your thoughts flow freely. Enjoy the "idleness". Relax every muscle of your body. All your body relaxed. A pleasant feeling of warmth and peace spreads through the body. Power went out and never return. You feel relaxed. You are free from all pressure, just feel bliss ... also relaxes your mind, it is freed from unnecessary and unpleasant thoughts, and you feel a sense of healing growth, which includes your spiritual and physical sense of elation When Ya reach the peak, you come closer to the main source of vitality. Sap your body refreshed and strengthened. Now imagine that you are lying on the riverbank. Cast away vanity, all problems and worries and enjoy the tranquility and harmony of the universe. Each cell of your body absorbs its energy, its greatness and power, merging with its elements.


You lie and repeat: "I absorb flood waters force, its fluidity, integrity, ability to pave the way through any obstacles. (In this case try to feel like water filled with forces of nature.)


"I absorb the elements of Earth Force, its strength, hardness, resilience, ability to save and multiply. I will also increase your spiritual wealth, as land increases the grain sown in it, giving abundant harvest. My strength will be a stronghold for me and for others in all cases. (Feel like you're filling by the Earth.)


I absorb the elements of Fire Force, her energy, passion, ability to burn through the hype, releasing the main. I will shine like a star, and warm like a flame of fire, releasing the main. (Imagine how you by filling fiery disaster.)


"I absorb the elements of air force, its agility, lightness, freedom. I will fly above the earth, enjoying unlimited space, but still, my way would be governed by my own goal. " (Feel like you feeding the elements of air forces.)


I enter in harmony with all elements of the universe begins to radiate Love always and everywhere and sees all my glow and the universe responds to it by sending me more love and light. Your identity - it is your thoughts. Think of success, and you will be prosperous man. Think positively and your life filled with harmony.


After the bath you will feel a lightness. Love yourself, pamper yourself. Create a comfortable environment for yourself. Do not be lazy. To feel comfortable, look great, you can try. Never regret over time. Love yourself and take care of themselves.


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