Best broadband internet service.

What did not you find on the best broadband internet service best-broadband-internet-service-.jpg. For example, today I found a description of the concept of virtual cash registers, which offers "kray_zemli" from Novosibirsk. These resources devoted to cash registers, so we can not ignore.
So, friends, enemies, and anonymous readers, I propose to discuss the pros and cons.

The concept of virtual cash registers.
Instead of cash to put into each Ackles and suffer because of her hemorrhoids, it is proposed instead to use cash registers terminals connected to the virtual cash registers via the best broadband internet service, which became available today and is still available for a particular purpose in almost any retail outlet.
Terminal (thin client) with the printer does not hold within itself the fiscal information, so it can serve in any workshop, not only in a specialized service center. May be used as a terminal regular laptop.
Fiscal information is stored on secure servers in the data center, which performs all the basic functions of cash register, the fiscal memory, EKLZ, and just the internal memory registration operation for the needs of the user.
As a result, disappears as the need to tinker with the replacement EKLZ. Generally, all services will be civilized and centrally held on the server.
Since the virtual cash centers will be few, they will be serviced by different companies, and the information will necessarily duplicated in several of them, all the machinations informayiey of cash transactions are excluded.
Having made test purchases, the tax inspector is no longer needed to connect to the cash register - just 10 seconds to check through the best broadband internet service, got there about the purchase in the archives of the Virtual Cash Register. Moreover, the same can make a simple conscious buyer, entering information from checks issued to him on a special website.
Additionally, the proposed system allows you to mark each check individual machine-readable code by which the tax inspector, checking the records of cash transactions with attached cash checks, can easily verify the authenticity of the attached check.
Since the proposed system would cost the user much cheaper "iron" CMC EKLZ, she will also use taxpayers UTII. Although they do not need cash now, they still use any solution to record all transactions that sellers do not cheat.
Registration of all transactions via the best broadband internet service allows, as EKLZ before quickly check any check on the electronic signature and the presence in the archive.

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Naturally, I left my comment. That is to say, his view of what is happening.
1. Value. Cash register (with gemorroynoy EKLZ ") is cheaper than a thin client with a printer, monitor and modem. And not just cheaper, and at least 2 times cheaper.
The average price of a cash register is $ 175 (! Is cheaper !!!). That show me the calculation of the cost of the terminal, printer, monitor, modem (software?).

2. Reliability. Operating conditions of the terminal, the monitor? What if I have an iron box and at night he was not heated (we have -30)? This is to ensure that it is necessary to buy industrial terminals. And they cost significantly more.

3. Communication channel. But what stands, towns and villages? And if you trade in the bazaar (the street)? And if visiting trade? I even know that you will answer me. The trouble is that the GPRS channel is highly vulnerable and dependent on the voice channels in Russia, and Ukraine. This is to ensure that the connection to the server could easily break off. What to tell the client? Hey man, wait a minute, I can not connect to server. Or buy 2 modem?

4. Ie Do you offer anyone who wants to see the real selling point of sale? This would be abused by competitors in the first place.

5. Machinations will not disappear. And it is a fact)))

6. And who ever wants to pay taxes? Show at least one! Yes, any owner any right or not it waives the cash register. And there is! Ie each check is available to the State for review)))

Next lazy to continue.

Outcome. The idea is not new. What does not suit the device with a modem? Why is it terminal? How to deal with the best broadband internet service? In general, a lot of problem areas. At the same time, I would be happy to look (and touched) a living system.

* - Replacement EKLZ - is far-fetched (and well proplachennaya) nonsense. Business as usual. Paunchy uncle lobby their interests. In Ukraine, this is no replacement and no. Has not yet been)))

Have something to say? So tell me, and do not restrain themselves in expressions!

Kray_zemli wrote:
1. In fact, it adds only a means of accessing the best broadband internet service (in your opinion, a modem). In its simplest form - Ethernet connector. But there is no fiscal memory and power interface with EKLZ. Also, as a transitional option, will be released EKLZ-compatible blocks are inserted into the cash register and having access to the best broadband internet service. You can even use your laptop. Inkjet printer is new from 1200 rubles. Consumables then, however, more will leave, but the color print ads can be. The new notebook is from 10,000 rubles, a used can be bought for 5,000 rubles and even cheaper. Laptop is not heavy, you can do to bring and carry away. Make a special USB-printer of checks is not a problem, although it is unwanted and unnecessary hemorrhoids. They are, incidentally, is only worth a little expensive - but that's because the niche they are different now. And, most importantly, as the project develops, the company specializes in the production of cash registers, catch the progress and begin to produce terminals. According to the construction because the differences are minimal. Even if the terminal - a thin client will cost a bit more expensive, will still be savings on the service center: fiscal information terminal does not contain, and maintain it can be your own, or in any radiomasterskoy, not only in specialized institutions. Although there is something to serve that? Technique is now fairly robust. If you want to change the terminal to the alternate / better / cheaper, then it does not need to re-register, to register the tax and the like, just change up a virtual cash register.

2. Nothing complicated is not here. Roughly speaking, going to China and order the product by standard drawings, just to put chips in place of I C (the price difference is small) and cold-resistant solder payali - even if normal, olovosvintsovym, which, however, in Europe ban on environmental grounds, but change is. And, incidentally, almost all of the serial technique -30 experiencing, it is usually bringing in from China to Russia and then Russia in heated containers. LCD, perhaps, in the cold and will not work - but no one and not have to buy a terminal with an LCD monitor. Some of the cash registers without any indication. Theoretically, the terminal can be done even from a mobile phone that connects to the keyboard, printer and cash drawer via Bluetooth, although their shortcomings in this design too.

3. The best broadband internet service is becoming more accessible. GPRS is almost everywhere, so even just a few operators. Appear online Skylink, Yota, etc. ATC is now digital, probably already every one, so you can go on the best broadband internet service via ADSL or even dial-up modem. If you choose to pay for traffic, you get cheap, as little information on the check. Having just 2-channel access to the best broadband internet service \reduces the likelihood of you described the situation with a connection failure. Well, shit happens. In the end, and the light in the village is often cut off, without which the nonautonomous CMC will not work. Why are there in the countryside - in Moscow not so long ago it was! Well, if at all with the link pipe, you can always use the regular good old PFC EKLZ. They are also not proposed ban. That, and they have their niche will be.


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