Blow up castle.

For what we are fighting: Blow up castle. 

- Is not just a space: this house.

Our non-profit organization called Foundation House, The "blow up castle". 13 years ago we began work to restore the monument to the history and culture of 14 th century, the monument of federal value - Insterburg blow up castle. Often, just the way I start a story about our activities.

In 1997, the city Chernyakhovsk group of enthusiasts has begun work on safeguarding the region.
We are children of our Earth - the Kaliningrad region, former Eastern Prussia.
After World War II in the area began to sprout new life and culture. What's left us a legacy not be accepted, studied, as a result rejected and destroyed. Wherever you look, around dusty centuries, the ruins of the blow up castle and church. But the growing new generation born is here, and curiously looked at what their surroundings. Gradually, there came a time when talk about it. Theme of heritage preservation has become open.

No coincidence that in these years, our mentor, Head of the Department of Culture Chernyakhovsk - Alvin Emmanuilovna Ivanov council members raised the issue of establishing the city museum in the blow up castle Insterburg. The decision was taken and safely forgotten. 10 years later, in retirement, Alvin Emmanuilovna further work on the museum history of the region.
Tatiana, choreographer and cultural studies. Alex, a historian. Andrew, artist. And I, Vlad, the head of an amateur theater and cultural studies - we are a group of enthusiasts who have supported this bold idea. By the time we each tried his luck in distant lands, was educated and had professional experience and response agencies with subsequent loss of employment.

Insterburg inside the blow up castle, which was then leased to the DCS (repair and construction management), we have identified in June 1997, one room, on the basis of the document - decision of the Board of Deputies of the creation of the museum. It began to operate a branch of the Scientific and Production Centre for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments of the Culture of the Kaliningrad region.

More than anything, we wanted to be useful and find application in the city. The idea of the museum where he once was, seemed incredibly interesting. Started with a grand harvest. In subbotniks children are involved, military, cultural workers, community organizations and many others. In gratitude for them, we organized the first performance of folk theater "Rainbow". And our first spectators looked with curiosity, sitting in metal boxes in the courtyard.
On the day of delivery Insterburg human city, we conducted a scientific and practical conference "The Fate of Man - The Fate of the Earth." Invited experts and lovers of history, to collect information about the blow up castle Insterburg.

Then opened the first museum exhibition of the collections provided by the city's residents. In 1998, organized a youth coach raid to search for museum exhibits. Then the blow up castle fled Repair and construction management. In 1999 we opened our first summer tourist season. Began to conduct tours. Came up with idea "One day a medieval blow up castle."

Start a new time. Time to talk with the audience on the Conservation of Heritage creative language. Through legends, knights battle shadow theater, art gallery, we passed our attitude to the place. In the same year, we have written and approved by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation the concept of using historical and cultural monument 14 th century blow up castle Insterburg. December 2, 1999 registered non-profit organization "Fund" House-Lock ".
Since then every year from May 1 to October 10, runs a summer season Insterburg blow up castle. This is the most active time. After a quiet winter, the gates swing open, and the mass of curious and interesting people shape the future of the space of the blow-up-castle, where one builds his blow-up-castle. It does not sound a piece of territory. In it people, united by any interest, belongs to time. In my opinion, the most valuable thing a man can get.

Festivals, conferences, raids, tournaments, open-air, seminars, concerts, dances, workshops, performances, crowning lovers - for everything has its time.
In the blow up castle in turn came into being: the festival-style "era. Music. Costume, "art festival" The Edge of thousands ", a festival of medieval culture," Knight's Tournament ", Chernyakhovskaya summer school for the arts, the festival" The blow up castle of fairy tales ". It is not farfetched talking points. Simply by a man inspired by the idea and we help her to realize.

blow up castle image one

Blow up castle img1

blow up castle image two

Blow up castle img2

blow up castle inside

Blow up castle img3

Our foundation is not saving money, we kopim friends. Now it's about 10 thousand like-minded people living in different cities and countries. But equally willing to participate in the revival of the blow up castle Insterburg.
The emergence of innovations, this game conditions necessary to maintain a proactive system of leisure. The idea of revival of heritage - something that gives a permanent boost to the system of voluntary non-remunerated work. Through active involvement in the process, each person becomes a patron. He puts labor and money by making a donation to the preservation of heritage of the region.

The walls of the old blow up castle built much more easily than fill them with content. Do not just make it so that it became necessary to someone and found the owner. Our blow up castle - our house, although we do not live in it, remove it, is filled with meaning, defending. And it protects us and our dreams.

Our organization "Fund" blow up castle in 2003 received the legal rights of the user. In 2006, the object of federal importance, a monument to history and culture of 14 century - Insterburg blow up castle was included in the federal target program "Culture of Russia". In 2008 began the first emergency response work. Now we broadcast its experience to other heritage sites. Our followers used successfully invented and proven technologies in other monuments.

The Château Insterburg carried away learning process, young people make their choice, find their purpose in life. Positive examples, we see every day. Growing up, they return to serious professionals in the selected case with their families. Now their children come to play in a children's garden historic blow up castle Insterburg. And our friends continue to explore and build new locks.

Back in 1997 we were "pioneers" of the business. We were burning the fire of enthusiasm. And like as soon as possible to build a blow up castle. Now we are reminded of this with a smile. It is time to deep processes, thoughtful decisions that brook no hustle and bustle. On time to the project of revival blow up castle Insterburg researchers and professionals of the highest level. A new theme this year - an architectural summer, an international project "Instergod" which was a great success. We set about creating a new school of architecture and the revival of the city, taking into account the positive experience of the past and the latest technology. We have about their ideas in Moscow at the architecture biennale. We held an international symposium with the European and Russian experts on the topic of the architectural heritage of the city and the best experience of his restoration. We were invited to the practice of young professionals from Kazan, who made the first precious documents to begin restoration work. We have become participants in the seminar on landscape design specialists from St. Petersburg. We developed a strategy within Vork-shop "localization" of Progressor from Minsk. We have seen a European gathering of architects "Sesame", in which 53 beautiful young architect of the big cities of Russia and European countries have worked day and night, studying the prospects of small Chernyakhovsk. Many young professionals and daring dreamers will continue to compose blow up castle and the city of the future. City beautiful, comfortable, self-contained, hospitable.

After us there will be loving owners - our children. They also like us to be at the blow up castle to meet people. Dividing a cup of tea and pleasant conversation around the fireplace, they too will find friends. And so on ad infinitum ...

Oct. 28 Regional Council decided to transfer the blow up castle Insterburg Russian Orthodox Church ...

Vlad Smirnov
Councilman Fund
NGO "blow up castle".


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