Cuff link:

cuff link

Picture 1: silver cuff link.

cuff link 1

Picture. 2: cuff link.

cuff link 2

Picture. 3: gold cuff link.

cuff link 3

Picture. 4: cuff link silver.

cuff link 4

Picture. 5: cuff link dog.

cuff link 5

Picture. 6: cuff link star.

cuff link 6

Picture. 7: cuff link emblem.

cuff link 7

Picture. 8: cuff link.

cuff link  8

Picture. 9: cuff link.

cuff link 9

Picture. 10: cuff link diamond.

cuff link  10

Picture. 11: lip cuff link.

cuff link 11

Picture. 12: cuff link.

cuff link  12

Picture. 13: cuff link.

cuff link 13

Picture. 14: cuff link.

cuff link  14

Picture. 15: cuff link.

cuff link 15

Picture. 16: cuff link emblem.

cuff link  16

Picture. 17: cuff link.

cuff link -

Picture. 18: M-cuff link.

cuff link  --

Picture. 19: cigar cuff link.

cuff link _

Picture. 20: wing cuff link.

cuff link __

Picture. 21: hammer cuff link.

cuff link 18

Picture. 22: car cuff link.

cuff link  20

Picture. 23: helicopter cuff link.

cuff link 21

Picture. 24: spider cuff link.

cuff link  23

Picture. 25: cuff link.

cuff link 24

Picture. 26: cuff link.

cuff link  25

Picture. 27: cuff link.

cuff link 26

Picture. 28: cuff link.

cuff link  27

Picture. 29: leopard cuff link.

cuff link 28

Picture. 30: cuff link.

cuff link  29

Picture. 31: cuff link.

Business suit with all its advantages has one obvious flaw: it does not allow stand out. However, nothing prevents add shine through accessories. These cufflinks make an ordinary costume, elegant and refined.

Internet - shop with an exclusive and varied range of cufflinks, their shapes and materials. Here you can buy cufflinks for every taste. In our catalog you will find a collection of cufflinks from leading designers from around the world - Tateossian, Duchamp, Ian Flaherty, Simon Carter and many others. All collections are constantly updated, here you will find the latest news from the world market. Much attention is paid to the development of different thematic categories of cuff links. We encourage you to pay attention to these sections (Sports, Games, Transportation, Music, etc.), especially if you're looking for something unusual, funny and very close to you, your interests and hobbies.

History bright style: men's cufflinks RobertoBruno.

In an era of decline in popularity trends of the Baroque, when it formed the foundation for the further development of business suits and classic shirts, aesthetic imbalance and certain inconveniences caused only dangling sleeves. Soon, the next designer fit lace shoelaces have lost their flagship products for the benefit of buttons with chains, which subsequently evolved to its current budget of cufflinks.
Initially, to emphasize the elegance of dress and class are inextricably linked with classical and traditional costumes of white shirts, men's cuff links made of precious metals, mostly gold. In the course of the evolution of men's cuff links further strengthened the position of the bright symbol of wealth and social status, whereas women's cufflinks in the light of emancipation have degenerated into a kind of accessory for self-expression. Sometimes the producer of women's cufflinks in the course were and expensive metals and rare minerals. It is worth noting that soon the fashion for women's cufflinks and was until recently they were made just a few dedicated traditional trends designers.


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