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cufflinks women

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Up to 70 years of the twentieth century buttons on shirts practically superseded cufflinks.

But in the early 90's, the fashion for the accessory is back.

Many men returned to stud as the art of business and evening style.

And now there's and women's fashion for cufflinks.

They were taken to wearing shirts that have double cuff white shirts or evening with single cuff, which has no buttons. Small cuff links will be clearly visible when their owner bend or lift your arm. Accessories should never be evident, but keep in mind that they are very much about its owner.

Pick cufflinks to match the clock to tie or clip. Strictly prohibited accessories combine different color scheme (silver bracelet to wear gold cufflinks hours and vice versa). Lately, the fashion cufflinks with initials or monogram of the owner of the manufacturer.

Modern technologies allow to put cufflinks clock, thermometer or compass.

Fantasies manufacturers no action. Ten cufflink that you can possibly find to their profession:

1. Stud for football as the ball.

2. For fishing

3. Stud for the sommelier.

4. For a programmer.

5. For bikers.

6. For a musician.

7. For a pilot.

8. For Pathfinder.

9. For amateur women.

10. For the rocker.


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