Energy from tree.

All are perfectly aware of how good we feel after a walk in the park, forest, where we are surrounded by energy from tree.

We begin to understand that, forgetting its spiritual roots, knowledge, thus we lose ourselves. Is our Universe Power that protects and saves us from many disasters, but if we fill your heart with fury, she can not find the way to us. Nature does not avenge us for what we are ruthless, she teaches us good and wise compassion. Can we understand this and save the world or destroy it to their hardness of heart? Or maybe we remember how in awe and love of our ancestors were treated to nature, to everything that surrounds them?

All are perfectly aware of how good we feel after a walk in the park, forest, where we are surrounded by energy from tree. Pain disappear, improving health, we fill some light energy. The soul as it is revealed, and we feel a lightness. It seems at this point that we of anything, we can allow even unsolvable problem. And people who seemed hostile to us, suddenly appear cute and beautiful. Man after contact with nature, energy from tree, the river becomes more open flows of cosmic energy. He ochyschayuchys, how would resume contact with the whole universe. And then allowed his problems, there is light that surrounds his protective flow of love.

In antiquity people knew that energy from tree has a transmitter and a power that affects a person. Googling energy from tree, our ancestors treated them carefully. If they were in birch juice, then later carefully zamazuvaly am clay. They keep the nature and and paid them kindness and care, giving them the fortress of the Earth, the grandeur of Heaven, gave health and strength. In those days people with love, sincere attitude to nature. Sin was thought oblomyty thread, let alone cut down the energy from tree unnecessarily.

Previously never wasted not cut down energy from tree, people keep the world around us, and always asked for forgiveness for cut energy from tree, to ask permission to mother-earth want to disrupt the weed and told why. Now we cut down forests, energy from tree just because so wish, enter fanatical practice crop each year branches, and in return receive all the new diseases, epidemics, disasters, natural disasters. Later, our cruelty embodied in our sufferings. All that we carry in this world, we get back, but multiplied many times.

Our ancestors did not which destroyed nature, but the methods they knew how to use natural forces ztsilyuvatysya, recharge themselves with energy. One such practice was communicating with his energy from tree. A person can intuitively identify your energy from tree to help him in many ways: to be fed and force and energy charge and subdue the pain and heal ailments and be guardian of his time, from misery to protect and defend from trouble.

Choosing your energy from tree, you can use knowledge of compliance energy from tree zodiac sign.

Ovnam patronizes planet Mars. Ovniv energy from tree are oak, hazel, mountain ash, maple.

Taurus patronizes planet Venus. Their energy from tree: poplar, cherry, apple, ash, walnut.

Twin patronizes planet Mercury. Their assistants are peach, apricot, pear, mulberry, hawthorn, hazel, grape.

Crayfish patronizes Moon. Their energy from tree are apple, maple, olive, palm, willow.

Lions patronizes the Sun. Their assistants are cypress, poplar, ash, walnut.

Daughters patronizes planet Mercury. Their assistants are pine, linden.

Teresa patronizes planet Venus. Their energy from tree are apricot, cherry, apple, ash, chestnut, poplar, grenades.

Scorpio patronizes planet Mars (Pluto). Their assistants are hazel, oak, cedar.

Sagittarius patronizes planet Jupiter. Their assistants are apricot, birch, pine, apple, aspen.

Leo patronizes planet Saturn. These energy from tree are all conifers, and apple, thousand

Aquarius patronizes planet Uranus. Their helpers: apple, fir, yew and walnut.

Fish patronizes planet Neptune. Their energy from tree are ash, aspen, birch, pine, apple, apricot.

What should you do first when identified your energy from tree? Come to congratulate him, make a energy from tree. Be good, do not hold in the mind of evil. Wood responds only to the good feeling of breaking a man it would help.

Come to a energy from tree and tell me what came to him with good things through, saturated force and health. Communicate with your energy from tree, you can often, but a communication session should not exceed 20 minutes.

After talking energy from tree must thank for the help and care. In the process of communication when you have podruzhytesya energy from tree, you will find the most words will speak at a meeting with your energy from tree.

Oak - Explorer cosmic energy, his strong relationship with the forces of the universe. If people enjoy this powerful and good giant energy from tree put his great strength, longevity. Rights will be on the shoulder all the issues, and he will not know the word "impossible". He will have great potential.

Birch fill you with freshness and clarity, give you strength and confidence in his abilities. If the energy from tree you love, you'll be happy. Your life filled with happiness and prosperity. Birch will keep you from all evils and diseases, protect from enemies and troubles, always ahead on important events and create an aura of happiness around you.

Apple grants a person the energy of success and material prosperity. This beautiful energy from tree heals hearts, strengthens it removes the emotional experience, helps to forget the old images and trouble. If you podruzhytesya from apple, it will radiate energy of love, attracting only positive developments and good people.

Maple - energy from tree of mercy. It is as warm a caring mother, relieve the pain of the soul, obdaruye love and care, tell the right decision. Hire aggression jitters, fill us with harmony.

The world you will find beautiful, because it will fill you peaceableness energy from tree and open your heart joy. There will be a feeling of loneliness and pokynutosti, you suddenly feel in a moment that your heart fills with love for this world to people around you. Before you come wisdom of Genesis. You feel like your spirit was strong, and know that are capable of much. The main thing to believe in yourself.

Poplar - a energy from tree doctor. It heals the soul and body. It feels you. Poplar should not be attributed in love. It all takes a liking, all cares and is always happy to help any addressed to him. This energy from tree is not the vampire, as previously assumed. Topol faithful helper to anyone who needs help. He is a faithful friend. If he loved person prychepytsya to him, he will be bored without communicating with him and never forget. This noble energy from tree.

Aspen - insidious energy from tree to some extent. Since it is recommended to communicate no more than 10 minutes. To him seek help when necessary to remove the burden of difficult problems, remove negative energy, which overflow when the person has some serious, serious disease. But always remember that this energy from tree should apply only in the morning, afternoon and evening you can not. At that time, aspen will not help, but only increase your problems. But in the morning, referring to Aspen through, make sure to it that it took you vitality. If you are relaxing, forget that, in contact with this energy from tree can not be more than 10 minutes, then go from aspen devastated, exhausted and with a load of new problems.

Pine is related to solar energy. It is a symbol of longevity, health, happiness and prosperity. Although the pine energy from tree well, she at the same time proud, capricious, to achieve its location is sometimes difficult. But if you love pine, she generously be fed are solar energy and thereby enhance your health, improve your business, you put power and the forces of the universe. Since you will go radiation force and power. And people will be attracted to you by some unknown force, like a magnet. You will not be any problem because powerful solar power and remove all obstacles and darkness, life giving light, joy and love.

Cedar - a mighty energy from tree. Acute and good looker, it also gives people a powerful energy, and increases sexual energy and appeal. He defends, protects against all evil and intrusion into our lives unpleasant and evil people and circumstances. It renews our energy, restores the relationship with the energy of Heaven, ohortayuchy us this energy. We would like filled with holy light and energy of the Universe, which oberezhet us from all trouble, help in any situation, send the right path. Cedar gives us abilities and talents to us housing for comfortable in this world. Consult the cedar, and it will attract favorable circumstances surround you with care and love. You will become a favorite of fate, your life will be colorful and cloudless.

Spruce - a strong and wise energy from tree, fighter of lawlessness. El cleanses our Earth from a dirty negative energy, anger and aggression, which we so richly saturated with the aura of the Earth. In the summer of spruce is better not to talk, and if you need to communicate, then contact should not take more than 5 minutes. But in winter, from December to February, you can communicate with spruce. It cleanse your body, soul and cleanse the entire body from dirt, aggression, black power. Fill you with light energies, strengthen health, heal the soul and body, strengthen your spirit.

Lime - a strong, good, wise, generous energy from tree obdarovuye love everyone. It fills human geothermal power and strength, cheerfulness charges for a long time, clears and strengthens the biofield, napityvaya you love and tenderness. Lime helps a person to reconnect with space, life-giving energy. Talk with lime beneficial effect on people. Communicate with lime can be 30 minutes. This is a wonderful and loving people you surround the energy from tree with care, tell the right solution to your problems, warn of trouble and at the same time create a protective aura around you, and all trouble will bypass you party.

Ash - energy from tree, protects against negative energy, evil, aggression. It clears man of the poison, disease, heavy dirty energy, protects the family well-being. Discuss this energy from tree can be 40-50 minutes. He was taken to put them in houses - the branches with red berries guarding the house and live in it from the evil, damage, jinx, bad people and their affairs.

Elm something like oak. But if energy filled oak, elm, on the contrary, suck negative energy, clearing the space. This energy from tree seek help when fall on evil days, when all sadly and fasting. But talk to him more than 10 minutes is not recommended, you can lose a lot of vitality, leading to breakdown. When you short time chatting with elm, it clears your biofield of dirty negative energy. But after communicating with elm preferably communicate with the oak, to satisfy themselves with energy and force.

Juniper protect our Earth from the forces of evil, from all evil. It protects against infections Housing and negative, sick energy, treats a spoiled person, removing negative energy and removing alien.

At the reception lady. History it is not happy. Envy and anger human ponivechyly her life. Twenty years ago in the life of Lydia broke into trouble. The man whom she loved (and they were married), like any other girl. She and her beloved lived in the city, and the girl in the village. Alexander with parents sometimes come to the village to the relatives there and saw it, say, honey. Her grandmother knew how to distract him from the beloved and connect with ness, and did a black case.

Energy from tree

Image 1: Energy from tree.

Energy from tree

Image 2: Energy from tree.

energy from tree

Image 3: Energy from tree.

In Lida's life turned inside out. Many of the disasters it had endured. But the steady strength of character to redeem her many mistakes. She left the city in which lived, but after many years came to visit relatives in there and accidentally found out how it cited the damage. I do not think that Luba was happy in life. Stolen Happiness never brings happiness. But evil made her grandmother, not just hit on it. Both the children and grandchildren will pay for this evil. Do not want to harm others. Draw their own troubles and misfortunes envy and malice. Be wise and compassionate.

Lida learned that it miraculously stayed alive. Probably the strength of the old women was selling was no longer the same. To distort the fate of Lydia, had the power, but the build from the world failed.

I worked with Lydia. Trimmed and removed its negative health program of destruction of its energy field. In her life were favorable changes. But if then, twenty years ago, there was gross, evil interference in its fate, this woman's life would be wonderful.

Change your destiny (karma) for the better, clean up other people's negative program, in lunar and solar eclipses. This is truly a magical time. You can clear itself of dirt, restore their health and their cases. Use this time to the benefit of themselves.


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