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Energy through space.

Correction fate.

Before each eclipse - lunar and solar - you can spend a little energy through space using these phenomena. You can solve many problems to deal with energy through space that need clarification or need to send in your bed, change lives for the better by getting rid of unnecessary, which interferes with, and attracting what you desired. You can affect future events of his life. Having avoided a bad situation, change the future for the better. Do not miss this wonderful time and use it to benefit himself.

During a solar eclipse you can work with them, changing something in yourself, in your character, attitude.

In lunar eclipse you are working with the outside world you. Make changes, adjusting events of your life, give something of something, in contrast, attract in your life.

Solar eclipse.

What can be done during the solar eclipse? You can get rid of negative traits of her character. So here you have to work with you, with your thoughts and emotions with their fears.

Before the ceremony just a month or find a solar eclipse (your local time).

For half an hour to take a purifying bath eclipse with salt, adding 5-10 drops of orange oil, rinse under the shower. This is the beginning of ritual purification. Clothes should be clean, ritual conducted on an empty stomach - just drink a glass of mineral water by adding to it a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey (if no contraindications).

Prepare a clean (not linovanomu) paper, pencil or pen, any vessel in which the paper will burn, candles - white and pink, turn quiet music. Light candles, relax and start a ritual to change his personality.

Something you a love or something. Something you want to change energy through space in themselves and leave something. But do not fall into self-criticism. Do not withdrawn about disrespectfully. Wanting to change something, do not recall about this or that habit with evil. You want change, not because you're a bad man, but because they want to be even better than they were. Once you consider, what traits or thoughts at the moment you are not satisfied with any settings, write down everything on the leaf. Reload. Analyze your situation, it's on your mind, and closed the piece in the tube, flash (on specially prepared dishes), and the ashes scattered outside a window.

Then take a new letter (or more, it all depends on the amount of text written by you) and ask yourself the way you want to be. You can describe and make energy through space. Select, for example, rice character you want to change, and imagine that your behavior is the opposite of course. Remember that any reality was somebody's first fiction ...

Then, writing everything you need, feel everything is written and painted, is presenting himself the way bazhayetsya be. This your new image. You can put this letter in your room, he was constantly on the kind and work on your new way morning and evening. This work will help you buy those essential features that you would have.

You can mount the ritual action thereafter. Rude text in advance to tape and once you've finished writing, turn the tape recorder and start work on his new image. In this world anything is possible. And if one genuinely wishes he could change his life and events, and their personal characteristics. Wish a happy and wonderful life.

You are sitting comfortably, it sounds wonderful, soothing music and text that you've recorded. Sit comfortably, keeping your back straight. Eyes closed. You feel relaxed. Imagine the energy through space of the Earth, rising through your feet, through legs fills you by force, at odds throughout the body. You feel that power in their hands, in my mind, throughout the body. It's powerful energy through space.

While the energy through space of the Earth through your feet, imagine energy through space of the cosmos, which is part of you through the top of the head, the spine and falls down, filling the whole body. Note that this light, light energy through space. Focus on how the two, energy through space and the energy of the Earth Space, meet at the base of the spine. And imagine that they come together and move up and down on your ridge. Cleanse, heal your body, fill your mercy.

You can balance these two energies. Create the flow of this energy through space up and down on your ridge until you feel that the full energy through space. Now if you have any unfulfilled desire or need to solve any problems, send this energy through space or desire to implement solutions to problems. If you still do not believe in the desire or the ability of solving problems, note that now you believe that wishes come true very soon, and the problem may have as you need it. If you feel the creative energy through space decline, we note that now you have a surge energy through space.

As soon as you direct this energy through space, imagine how it helps you solve your problems, to think. You have a lot energy through space and you can make anything you want. Feel that you are full energy through space, and stress has passed.

Energy through space

Image 1: Energy through space.

Energy through space

Image 2: Energy through space.

energy through space

Image 3: Energy through space.

You feel fine. All bodies healthy and working normally. All cleared and rejuvenates the body at the cellular level. In your life take place weird change, success accompanies you everywhere. Domahayetesya you success in everything you do. You have a fascinating, interesting work. You success and become a rich man.

Now take a deep breath and exhale, open your eyes. Session is over. But the feeling of joy and confidence will remain with you long. Believe in what a lot you can. Want a good and happiness, and you'll always be a prosperous man.


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