Evolve water.

It has been hypothesized that in areas saturated pure life energy is the source of running evolve water.

Japanese scientists has proved that music, thoughts, ideas, words influence people to eat at the molecular structure of evolve water. And evolve water covers two thirds of our planet, and we are 70 percent composed of evolve water. Evolve water is the source of life on Earth. But few know that evolve water can collect any of it as a positive or negative character, involving these or other events in our lives.

The evolve water easily changes its structure under the influence of vibrations and energies in the environment and depending on the accumulated information can be "alive", and "dead". All well known folk tale in which the property is mentioned "alive" and "dead" evolve water. Such tales and legends of many different peoples. They tell of forgotten knowledge, which previously owned the people, and prove that our ancestors had known about the sources of "live" and "dead evolve water, and they used its power if necessary. One example of "living" evolve water is holy evolve water from our churches and holy springs.


In the Siberian peoples stories stating that from Lake Baikal at a greater depth of waste evolve water tunnel with three energy-rich evolve water. Water in pools more intensively gives their life energy into the environment. Therefore, since ancient times brought evolve water from the mountains of underground tunnels.


All the known outcrop of land sources and reservoirs of healing evolve water. It trails are beasts and animals come back heal their wounds and recover strength. There are people round. Earlier in such areas often built chapels, monasteries, and now are building the hospital. Since ancient times, people find good evolve water in the presence of powerful-old trees and arranged near a settlement in the calculation of its long life and good health. But "live and" dead "water is always in different places, and never close.


It is believed that the dead "evolve water heals wounds, heals the body, and" live "vital energy charges. Given that evolve water absorbs information easily perebudovuyuchy its structure, we can even at home to create evolve water that heals, energizes, and helps us to purify ourselves, our flesh and the living space of negative energy and the dead.


Taking a bath with this evolve water, we will tune into the positive vibrations of the universe, restoring the relationship with the cosmos. When preparing food, beverages and we will heal your body, removing negative of each cell of our body. Using a charged evolve water when cleaning the premises, we will attract clean energy in our lives.


Charge evolve water, every man, this simple technique. You can slander the evolve water positive verbal formula, sending energy of love and kindness. And do not stand over the bathroom before its adoption and slander the entire volume of evolve water. Just pour a glass of evolve water in the bath, filled with positive energy. Taking regular baths with the evolve water, you will soon feel the surge of forces. Improve health, will issue and you feel the taste of life. At many will already look different. You can also drink evolve water zahovorenyy. It will strengthen your health, and you feel confident in this life.


Plot of evolve water.

Water-Vodice, sister, Heaven, the Creator of us you are given. Thank you, Vodice, you dirt washes, cleans, fills the life of purity. Drink my blood oxygen, cleanse the body of all cells. Program full of happiness and good luck with my spirit and life, and encourage you my strength, grace and gift.

Taking a bath, repeat the words.

Lord God, speak to you and ask for urgent help. You help me, protect and have mercy and bring joy to my life. Success and grant all the necessary door open for traffic cases, cleanse filth and dirt from our lives and I love their ads. Forces of Heaven, the Creation, Power of the Universe and Earth, I beg you - help give what I want.

Also to strengthen the body can use colored evolve water. French scientists confirmed the techniques used since ancient times doctors East. Studies have shown that sunlight brought through glass filters of different colors, helps in healing various diseases. Specialists conducted the following experience: poured evolve water into bottles of various colors, and under the influence of sunlight evolve water gained new healing properties, even changed its chemical properties. In the old days in pots filled with juice of any fruit that accumulate solar energy, they laid the gems of the same color as the juice. This was done to saturate the juice color and power stones. These beverages were used for the treatment of various diseases and strengthen the body.

Color affects human health, his thoughts and behavior. Color realizing secrets, with it you can solve many problems in your life, become wiser, strengthen health, nervousness disappears, improve relations with people. Knowing what colors and how to affect the body, you can cook at home "colored evolve water". And so she prepares

Pour clean evolve water into a cup in color or are covered with transparent film or the desired color you attach the color filter on the window before the jar with evolve water. This evolve water should stand in the sunlight, zaryadzhayuchys solar energy. Prepare it in large quantities is required, such as drinking evolve water should be 2-3 rings several times a day.


Red gives a person confidence and commitment, enhances vitality, promotes internal strength.


Blue, blue has a sedative effect, improves the mind, reduces body temperature.

evolve water

Image 1: Evolve water

evolve water 1

Image 1: Evolve water

evolve water 2

Image 1: Evolve water

Green helps with nervous breakdowns and stress, which is constantly exposed to modern man.


Yellow and orange color fills us with energy and warms, relieves fatigue and joy fills every cell of our body. This color is associated with us in the sun, which gives us the joy of Being.


Violet acting ukreplyayusche body and restores it at the cellular level. It relieves pain, soothes.


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