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Transplantation - the science is very promising. When doctors learn how to grow famous people phone numbers spare parts "under the order, duration and quality of life automatically spike.
Arithmetic get very entertaining. I am now, let's say, a little more than thirty. If mankind can survive the 2012-th year, and if I am even a little luck, until 2050 the year I will be able to survive. The scientists promise to advance the full singularity already in 2030-s.
Simply put, to paraphrase the words of Khrushchev, "the current generation of Russian famous people phone numbers will live forever."
It would seem - is remarkable. We should be happy bright future, and tear their pension svidetelestva. But ... do we need, colleagues, and immortality?

I now how to poraskinul brains and found at least twelve reasons to immortality is not entered.

1. If famous people phone numbers stop dying, population growth has accelerated sharply. And we and the current seven billion famous people phone numbers have nowhere to go. In this case, alas, tend to actively proliferate was not those famous people phone numbers who we would like to see as their neighbors.

2. With limited resources will inevitably be new devastating war. In this perspective to sit in a bunker for two hundred years, waiting for nuclear winter, will no longer scare in authority fanatics.

3. If managers will no longer leave their posts, in a society comes stagnation. Young talented scientists will be eternal students, and young talented managers - the eternal zamami, and young talented artists - the eternal understudy.

4. Personal immortality will authoritarian leaders such as Joseph Stalin and Fidel Castro has run their empires ever.

In capitalist countries, establish a dictatorship of another kind: there immortal billionaires sooner or later accumulate in their feet most of the wealth.

5. The prison terms will cease to frighten potential prisoners. Imagine how much a person can kill a criminal, if for one murder give fifteen years, and he has a life expectancy of a thousand years?

And vice versa - life imprisonment or life detention in the psychiatric hospital will be too cruel punishments.

6. Become fashionable and respected profession rentier. Put in a reliable bank of ten thousand rubles, waited a hundred years, and now you are a millionaire.

7. Percentage of children and adolescents will plummet. The world will be gray and boring. Planet "old fart" will be populated by experienced, nothing surprised seeing all the famous people phone numbers with clever and endlessly tired eyes.

8. Marriage "until death" and the traditional family finally go down in history. Fourteenth page of the passport will have to extend to her hundreds of stamps placed on marriages and divorces.

9. Nightmare of humanity will be "old debts". When you're five hundred years, you probably have in mind the old sins, which anyone remembers yes.

10. Wolves will howl supporters of evolutionary theory. Is not it absolutely necessary part of the imaginary mechanism of evolution - a regular alternation of generations. Sour and have followers of other religions. Since the immortal person can afford the luxury of not thinking about the afterlife.

11. Treasury of World Literature depreciate. "King Lear" and "The Old Man and the Sea" will be commonplace incomprehensible immortal famous people phone numbers. More precisely, the brain, then they will understand them, but now feel ... unlikely.

12. And finally, famous people phone numbers, forgetting about death, and forget that they are alive ...

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Famous people phone numbers photo 1

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Famous people phone numbers photo 2

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Famous people phone numbers photo 3

My list could be and continue. Immortality - a treasure at one glance that even the fictional characters in books and films begins profuse salivation. But is it really needed it immortality?

Let's take a short survey.

No, immortality - it is excellent.
Then actually an incentive to populate other planets and space will automatically receive a powerful impetus.
Maybe by the end of the 21 st century will be established interstellar flights (finally).

Agreed. Engage in cloning and other methods of prolonging life is meaningful only when the active extraterrestrial expansion. Immortal and to Alpha Centauri fly so far to relativistic speeds, and Mars to Venus colonized, not to mention the moon, etc. Imhuyu it would be right to do so - if you want a chance not to die a little longer - be kind, live beyond Earth. Well, or deserves a chance to live on Earth, if you bring great benefit to humanity in general.

Universal immortality will change all the components.
So unlikely to be become a rentier.
And in general, by itself immortality rather less than a plus.

Plya, well, you are idiots:
1. Organ transplants will not give immortality - you can always kill other famous people phone numbers;
2. Transplant will be very expensive, it can afford only the rich that will enhance their mudatskoe power. Formation of monopolies.
3. The planet will not grow the population, natural disasters will kill more famous people phone numbers.
4. The brain does not replace, over time it will be worse than working, apparently the young man will be a complete fuck / will not remember their own history. It reminds me of the disease from the book Marquez One Hundred Years of Solitude.
5. And most importantly: EAGLE nada us pizdyuley for that deprived him of food in the form of awareness.


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