Feel body.

I always feel body healthy and attractive man, and on my good form can be judged by my shape and shine my eyes.

Nice music evokes positive emotions, which in turn strengthen and tone the attention of the central nervous system. Music returns the balance of mind, a positive effect on health. Observed that at long sounding hard rock plants slow down growth and begin to die. If indoors, where plants were included classical music, it sounds beneficial effect on plant growth and development.

In addition, scientists have argued that when playing certain frequencies of sounds you can get a person with depression to treat it. There were cases when using certain tunes, the music in the treatment of mentally ill people. It helped show them with the boundary conditions. For example, already in our time doctors noticed that the sound of ringing a positive effect on people recede many diseases, even in cancer patients improves health, and in some cases healing occurs.

And in ancient Rus' people possess knowledge about the impact of sound on people. Before the battle rang bells, the sounds of drums, horns, lifting the spirit warriors. And to halt when the soldiers rested, filled with forces under skazateli bell harp told about the exploits of heroes who also inspired our ancestors to win. The Bible mentions how David playing the harp healed depression in Israel, King Saul. Ancient healers noticed that music not only restores harmony in the body, but in the whole universe.

Some melodies can cause positive emotions, increase efficiency human body resistance to infection, stimulate circulation and increase immunity.

Music - a set of sound signals through our ears processed brain structures. Different sounds make different effects on humans. For example, the impact on the system and ohran different notes:

• to affect the function of the stomach, pancreas and spleen;

• D - the gall bladder and liver;

• F - on the urinary system;

• Salt - to heart function, blood vessels and small intestine;

• To - the lungs and kidneys;

• B - the feature of heat.

You can use the favorable impact of sound on the environment while cleaning his apartment, office. Whatever the man was "positive" and good, however in each of us is a situation where negative emotions take us over the top. And if the room was visited by many people or in the walls of this room were repeatedly splash out emotions, they will not happened to. They settled on the walls and accumulate day after day, will gradually poison energy apartment, office. Therefore, any building should always be cleaned periodically from negative energy.

Light candles, incense, very good clean room church bells. You must pass with bells around the perimeter of all rooms. The sound of bells cleans your home, office of the negative, dead, that zastoyalasya energy, filling the space with fresh, clean, alive with energy. Take care of your health and well being.

The presence of higher Positive forces in my life, I feel body independent person, free from many restrictions.

I returned to self-confidence, and I always and everywhere accompanied luck and success.

Let go away all my sickness and my biofield will be tight, reliably protecting me from all sorts of troubles and plagues.

We are tired of the noise that surrounds us. We do not even notice it. But every day we collect a pain, fatigue, and as a result of starting at around vyhlyupuvaty accumulated negative. Do not do this, learn to relax and get rid of negative energy in another way, without causing inconvenience and the image of yourself, family and people surrounding you.

Take a minute thirty, let every day at least 2-3 times a week. Nachytavsya liked the recorder text or use text that I have this gift, and relaxing massages.

I nachytuyu on cassettes with text selected music and gives them to friends. They say these sessions on tape very relaxing, calm, filled with energy, strength, providing reassurance. One of my friend, Natasha, after a few sessions she said that she feel body as was kinder and tolerant people. I began to smile.

Feed yourself clean energy, clean soul from the negative, fill the heart with love and light. This will strengthen you and your energetic body. Hardship, sickness, trouble will bypass you party. Love yourself, love this world send him light and tenderness of my soul. And you will come back multiplied many times, many warm and fun environment.

Turn off the phone usamitnytesya, Sit (lie down or sit in a chair) and switch on the set.

Flow, soothing music, you have closed your eyes, breath deeply several times and breathed. Take your time to focus on every part of your body ... remove the tension on the left foot ... then the right ... On the left caviar ... on the right ... From the popliteal tendon ... From the hips ... With the pelvis ... Since the genital area ... From the waist ... From the buttock ... Then transfer attention to the abdominal area, remove the tension ... Relax your chest area, ... muscles between the shoulder blades, ... neck ...

Feel body relaxed, easy and free. Feel body perfectly healthy and happy. Feeling of lightness and joy cover your entire body, your entire being. You safely, comfortably and well. Whole body relaxed. Quiet heart, it beats, smoothly and quietly. It easily pumps blood. No pain. Disease. You happy.

Feel body perfectly healthy and happy. Sincerely Wish a good health and happiness. Your liver works well, it becomes elastic, supple. It allocates the number of your body needs bile. Kidney restore their normal life. They work energetically and easily. The stomach was healthy and workable. It follows the digestive and properly perform its functions. Your breathing easy and free, easy and free. Breathe easy, free, easy-free. Muscles in the face relaxed. Light naplyvaye coolness on your face and eyelids, Lublin cold ... In light head light and easy. Calmly and equally heart beats. In your body relaxed, quiet circulation. You to easily and safely. In the head-easy easy. How nice and easy.

Every breath you rozslablyayetesya more and more. You do not hurry. Breathe slowly, smoothly, rhythmically. Breathe with pleasure. Gradually calms down, you relax. Facial muscles relax, your body is relaxed. Breath calm, equal, light and rhythmic. Whole body relaxed, the heart beats evenly, rhythmically. Body is nice and comfortable, it rests. You are calm, relaxed, you relax. Sounds nice music, you are well.

Imagine you are a magnet that attracts good luck, success, love and prosperity. You do know: this extends to the kind. So, you are required to only one - to imagine, to feel body happy, happy. Repeat as often as possible: "I accept myself. I love you. I trust his fate. I choose to live rich and happy here and now. In my life everything is good! In my world everything is wonderful! "

Imagine your life path as a road. You fly over it and throw the most expensive gemstones, fine jewelry, beautiful flowers and stars in your life. Your life's road covers the sun, it warms warmth you obdarovuye luck, prosperity, filled with energy and force. You - pet fate. What you're taken, you want success without special effort. You can easily domahayetesya anything that would not mind. You always feel body self-confidence and own situation.

You are rich, your money, your wealth increasing. Imagine you kupayetesya for money. You kupayetesya the money and just think how powerful energy stream of rain gold flowing into your body, spreads it and gets into every cell, every organ. This is the energy cosmos. It fills your entire body, every cell of the powerful energy of health, youth, longevity, happiness and wealth. Repeat as often as possible: "I shall be rich. Space good care of me. I deserve to have money. The Universe is committed to me and full of generosity. I associated with limitless, internal and external riches of the universe. The richness of the universe! Universal wealth. I feel body satisfaction and a sense of power. I feel body the growth, excitement, strength, power, absolute self-confidence and enjoyment of the situation. I am rich. I make thanks to the Universe, the Creator, all bright and Space Force for the emerging wealth.

Now imagine you are standing on the beach. As far as the eye, just around the blue sky, blue sea and white sand. Listen to the sound of waves. They gently roll to shore. They seem gentle and pleasant. When you breathe deeply, remember that your breathing in harmony with the tidal waves. You go to the water. Feel body the sand, the sand is soft, warm and pleasant.

You slowly slowly walk into the sea, feel body the touch of water. First immersed in water a foot, knee, thigh, chest, neck, and here you are totally under water. Feel body the calm you feel body how your body moves in the water. You feel body the lightness and buoyancy, while more and more immersed in the sea. Watch as the light rays are reflected in moving water.

You all see clearly under water and clear. Take a look around ... shoals of fish swim past, adrift. They create a colorful kaleidoscope. They shine brightly like neon lit. Here a lot of fish. When they swim, you see a flash of light through water.

Note how easy and free you feel body under the water, as it supports you. You worry, you are safe. You admire the splendor of underwater world. You see different plants, observing the many forms of life. You can see all the amazing sea shell with jagged edges, outside they have a wavy surface, beige shade with embossed intricate pattern, but within their covers a layer of nacre. In a transparent gelatinous mass resting gently-pink matt pearl ...

Feel body

Image 1: Feel body.

Feel body

Image 2: Feel body.

feel body

Image 3: Feel body.

You feel body easy, you have a wonderful mood, you are grateful for the wonderful ride. Now you slowly walk out of the sea. You feel body the water, here it comes to breasts to hips to knees ... You return to face the sun, bending, zacherpuye water. Watering her face, neck, chest, abdomen, legs ... Water is warm, pleasant, you stand in the sun, feel body the lightness, freshness, cheerfulness, joy.

Thank you sun, water, Cosmos, Creator, because you are healthy, happy, great. You are the endless reservoir of energy, health, courage, youth, welfare, charity, confidence. You start in a different way to understand the world around us. In all of your organs, your body joins the powerful energy of life. Before you open all the way, all roads into a beautiful, long-and joyful life. Every day you're getting better. It will always be!


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