Funny games downloads.

The development of civilization in this century will go in tandem with the development of various technologies, including computer. The computer market is constantly filled with new, sophisticated applications, increasing processor speed, volume media storage memory. This technology is not against the last place is a phenomenon that emerged along with computers, namely computer funny games downloads.

The purpose of this paper is closer to acquaint readers with a new qualitative level of computer funny games downloads in the computer industry that increasingly included in the life of modern man, and analyze what they attract others, namely, making violent computer funny games downloads popular among young people how the funny games downloads affects the player's psyche.

People love to play funny games downloads. Not only in gambling. In pace with the technological progress of modern computer funny games downloads are perfectly mimic reality. You can play against the straight and provided enough computer, but lately, the players prefer to play with each other on the Internet. So in this case, the computer serves only as an aid in interpersonal communication.

From the medical point of view it is absolutely harmless to them, until they threaten the physical or mental health. Since the "intermediary" in this funny games downloads is a computer, the possible adverse effects on physical health suggest easy: long seat monitor can cause dry eyes, vision problems, headaches, prolonged sitting as such a big load on the spine and often causes pain in the back, posture disorder; intensive control mouse, joystick or keyboard results in increased tension in the muscles of the hand and forearm and, consequently, the "syndrome karpalnoho Channel.

Video funny games downloads, especially role, is one way to retreat from reality. Fully plunging into the funny games downloads and achieving some success in it, a man virtually sells so less of the existing needs and ignores more. In any society there are people who prefer to "escape" from problems. Those who choose alcohol, we refer to as alcoholics, drug - drug addicts, job - robotoholikam, internet - internetzalezhnymy. In the latter case, instead of solving problems here and now a man "with his head" plunges into a computer funny games downloads. To communicate with your child, you just need to play with him in his favorite funny games downloads. The average teenager - gamer holds the monitor from 2 to 6 hours a day. "Caring" child of the Game Zone is a typical family event. Probably funny games downloads will soon factor in shaping social reality and public morality. Championships are held Computer funny games downloads. With each country choose a few gamers that won first place in this type of game that eventually will participate in the global finals funny games downloads. There is "heymerskaya subculture" of typical jargon, myths and values.

U.S. Department of Defense, the official order to attract young people into the army, launched in naturalistic broad selling funny games downloads "U.S. Army". Clearly, gaming products designed for maximum pleasure Player. Such marketing policy. Graphics is sophisticated, intriguing funny games downloads - even more exciting. Experiences that the developer plans to cause a gamer should be even more interesting, vibrant and competitive in relation to products capable rivals in the market. As a constructed world, as well as any popular computer funny games downloads has its own physics and properties of space, an artificial history and the clocks, original, philosophy, ethics and morality. Funny games downloads allow a player to act in a constructed world. Something like a carnival, but the degree of freedom "change masks in video funny games downloads is much higher. While the funny games downloads are considered as something in itself "bad" or "good." "Bad" - a dependency, gambling, when the state player of 50-100% is determined by funny games downloads results. "Good" - when a player lost his aggression, threw a bad mood, anger and poveseliv. "Bad" playing impact and can cause physical and mental disorders, problems of aggression. "Good" funny games downloads can be used as simulators and training tools are shown in the analysis of changes in sensomotorytsi, spatial function, attention, thinking and communicative skills. Both types of funny games downloads affect cognitive, hidden skills, motivation sphere of interest. Analysis of emotional sphere and social contacts shows that children who often play funny games downloads more sotsiyalizovani. It is concluded that computer funny games downloads have become a powerful instrument for the development of human society and can not simply be considered useful "artifact" of computer technology. This general view of the funny games downloads give us psychologists.

What is it that draws the funny games downloads in terms of psychology?

1.Funktsiya save and funny games downloads variants makes it possible to control events during the game. The player can return to a saved draft of which was the arrangement of forces on his side - that is replayed event. Ability to go back in time and make a decision ynshe different from physical reality funny games downloads: football, chess, where the course of events unchanged.

2.Funktsiya complexity allows you to control resistance to the enemy, that makes his actions, in fact, predictable. The funny games downloads becomes a reality in the foreseeable emotional expectations of the player. Complexity function is defined, so to speak, the degree of heroism to which the person claiming the player.

3.Vizualno-avdiyalna illusion. Thus the psyche of a player disconnects due to materially true. Exclude such physical conditions as fatigue (long bihotnya the corridors), pain (ball or others are injured) and so abo ut ethnic minorities. In contrast, failure in a real combat situation - not losing a funny games downloads hits the body, but only by the eyes, ears, emotions and their own "ego". If the funny games downloads is modeled and bodily sensation, relevant to events occurring on the screen, it would be boring. The beauty of the funny games downloads is in its netilesnosti, differences of material reality. The funny games downloads gives the opportunity to experience "and his strange death" as often. The process of dying in the funny games downloads is simple and obvious: channel gradually changing, the character loses the ability to move a virtual world seen from a position of sessile rights. To "revive", just press the key.

In light of the above draws attention to the so-called stress postihrovyy when a player successfully completed the funny games downloads and is in a state of "King without a kingdom." He has two solutions: to win the next realm, or "wake up" and become non-king, ie, ordinary man. Back to reality and life back strain and break up of inability to change itself, significant people and the world in general, or again to start the funny games downloads and test himself in a fierce battle, as zahartovuyuchys character, but not as a man. To find again the hero "aura" stress game - needs a new funny games downloads. In turn, funny games downloads are just the perfect target for switching attention and sublimation is because the funny games downloads is not what it is.

There are many reasons why parents want children to buy a computer. One of the biggest - the fear of "street". Today is dangerous to let your child alone in the yard, the negative impacts the environment. The positive side of such education is obvious: "computer" child willingly sitting at home. Thus it needs to exchange CDs, share the secrets of gaming. However, the lack of real contact may affect the future when choosing a place in society.

Funny games downloads

Image first: it's funny games downloads.

Along with this classification is very important funny games downloads. All computer funny games downloads can be divided into role and nerolevi.

I. Role-based computer games

1. Games with the kind of "eyes on" computer hero.

2. Games with a view outside from behind to "their" computer hero.

3. Strategy games (they "control"). The player can act as a Special Forces commander, chief of the armies or even the Creator. The role is not set specifically, but seems most playing, and you do not own hero. Take in this funny games downloads with the head "more likely in people with a good imagination. Many researchers write that these funny games downloads are developing a system of thought, others are thinking that playing who prefer this type, thus realizing his need for dominance and power. Strategic computer funny games downloads have first. The most typical funny games downloads in this genre: Warhammer: Dark Omen, SimsCity, Age of Empires, Warcraft, Starcraft.

Select role-playing video funny games downloads with all their diversity is because the only role playing computer funny games downloads, we can observe the process of "entering" the man in the game, a kind of integration process rights to the computer, and in clinical cases - the process loss of identity and identification with the computer characters. Role-based computer funny games downloads generate a new level of psychological dependence on the computer.

II. Nerolevi computer games

The player assumes the role of computer character, that of dependence and the influence of funny games downloads on the human face is not so pronounced. Main motivation: Gambling goal, "passing" game or a set of points.

Recently, the world goes more and more funny games downloads like "Horor", which permeated through the elements of magic, the sacred cult, occult, demonic characters. In recent years Ukraine has also loudly entered the gaming arena. Funny games downloads produced by our country, are not included in last place in popularity ratings and abroad. Most high-profile among them - a series of funny games downloads "Cossacks", "Vij" and, currently, nayochikuvanisha type shooter game "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl.

the funny games downloads

Image second: funny game downloads.

Now a few words about the funny games downloads, which is considered a model for all categories of ynshyh First Person Shooter.

A revolutionary step once made the company Id Software, completing mazes monsters game "DOOM". These dark mazes and stunning images can easily find parallels in the emotional life. Immediately after his appearance in the 1994 game "DOOM" has become incredibly popular. She stood first in the ratings, awards received, others are bare dumopodibni funny games downloads that have become bestsellers, such as: "Half-Life", "Painkiller", "Quake", "Unreal". All copies of this "DOOM", only on a new technological level. Five years ago it was impossible to create on the computer screen brightness on the surface of water, light or fog bahatopikselne. Now is the standard effects for funny games downloads. The cult of "DOOM" game the father and the impact outside the world of computers. Best-selling book is the basis ballet or film, fairy tale or myth - the theme for the painting. "DOOM" - the first computer funny games downloads that gave birth to their own music and literature.

Very different total point: after Doom imaginative funny games downloads ever dream terrors. Night game long hours can bring a player to complete fatigue, but it will never cause bad dreams. If the "DOOM" still dreaming, the player is not perceived as a nightmare, but rather as an extension of fun. Dumopodibni funny games downloads cause very specific feelings and emotions: the game and attracts and repels at the same time. The player does not understand why he plays and why it gets fun. "Nothing is more boring and nothing more exciting. No Hinche funny games downloads does not require you quick mind and reflexes perfect time, and these - need "- very accurately wrote a computer magazine.

In the tradition of Carl Jung called this phenomenon is a manifestation of the archetypical principles. The whole mind is made up of conscious and unconscious. How typical life situations and so many archetypes. Archetype aggressive maze appears in the culture and history of Western civilization. For the first time the presence of aggressive archetype maze was recorded about three thousand years ago when the ancient Greeks created the myth of Taizé and the Minotaur. The main component of the archetype - the maze, the second component - the monster Minotaur, the third - the hero of Taizé. His goal - to destroy the cannibal. In the Middle Ages archetype of the labyrinth has ceased to be realized only at the level of words. People began his materializovuvaty - embody in stone and landscape design. Classes are believed deeply Christian and respectable: mazes in England were an essential element of the park suburban estates. Full variant of archetype - the maze, the hero and the monster - in reality, never incarnated. Only in the virtual world has been as closely as possible the implementation of aggressive labyrinth, which includes all three components.

In the Journal of Personality and social psychology in 2000 published an article "video funny games downloads, and aggressive thoughts, feelings and behavior in laboratory and in life." The authors, Professor of Psychology Craig Anderson and Karen Dil, asserted: children see more cruelty in the world today. Blame in this is television, film and computer funny games downloads. The article stressed that there is a link between cruelty video funny games downloads and aggressive behavior of adolescents that can lead to crime and murder.

In the state of Indianapolis July 10, 2000, a law that minors can play only with permission of parents. October 30, 2001 U.S. Supreme Court suspended the law. Reason: lack of scientific evidence of danger of computer funny games downloads.

In Germany in any shop you will find, for example, "Quake III". They are prohibited by law. September 6, 2002 Greece adopted a law that forbids playing any computer funny games downloads in public places. September 25 law abolished.

On the other hand, published research of Professor James E. Talmage Wright and his colleagues Paul Bridenbaha from Loyola University in Chicago, where they examine the behavior of gamers. Their results disagree with the idea that hard computer games - certainly evil. Instead, funny games downloads help build relationships in the ordinary life and teach effective teamwork. According to the magazine Business, in October 2002 there were one million seven hundred thousand players in the "Counter-Strike" (this game they have for research. This command network entertainment: there are two teams - the terrorists and kontrterorysty).

Funny games downloads

Image third: funnys games downloads.

According to their research game - is not life. "Any player would not endure the violence of the game in real life. Often, two things happen: First, people in funny games downloads that replicate what they learned in the ordinary life, and second, playing for them - a safe place game experiments where are overcome, learned behaviors are tested, where they are without particular risk beyond conventional social roles, because in the virtual world that can be done safely. Contents of the game can be harmful. For players playing an important process, not violence. Principle whereby manufacturers are funny games downloads, is simple: to advertise their product and sell the game. Everyone understands that brutal game better advertised and sold. This industry with a turnover of 10 billion dollars a year. It earned more money than the American film industry. The game "Desert Storm" U.S. soldiers kill Iraqi. For example, this funny games downloads was released a decade before Operation Desert Storm. There is an element of propaganda. It is important to understand because the U.S. military associated with the game industry and Hollywood. Thus in a lot of good games. Funny games downloads bring together, collect friends, allowing them to do something together. Conflicts are resolved in the game because of club patronage-game duel: it is like basketball or soccer, as usual sport. Again, not a game - the cause of aggressive behavior, she formed the game. It turns out that computer games more stringent release psychic energy that has accumulated in ordinary life. In his view, even a game of chess or Andersen's fairy tales can be described as brutal. German neuroscientist Manfred Fall of Bremen University says: "Sam the brain changes as a result of the game. The number of connections between neurons, they begin to work more efficiently.

Virtual reality systems are not that long ago became used psychiatrists to treat various phobias.

From all the above we can conclude that computer game is assessed two ways. As one that teaches cruelty (in case of funny games downloads), or as one that develops concentration, focus. Without doubt, computer funny games downloads is the quintessence of modern knowledge and technology, but most action they can not provide a spiritual, not intellectual, and emotional and bodily sphere. It is clear that how a person perceives God as the world understands, and so it reflects in our culture and creativity. Game - a sort of icon, which drew a modern world that monitor calls from us, seeking to be transformed.


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