Funny luggage tags.

Why do so many passengers, leaving from the airport to your destination, do not terminate funny luggage tags with their bags and suitcases? From happiness that living flown?

In the subway and the streets of the passenger with funny luggage tags attracts the attention of any hazardous figures (cops / thugs). To carry a suitcase with a funny luggage tags airlines - still, what to write on his forehead: "Quite rich. not to shake the train, I have the money for themselves, probably no muscovite, possibly a foreigner. "(My observations on the river station, where arrivals from Sheremetyeva with metro). Of course, a mountain of funny luggage tags still did not hide from interested eye, but with one chemodanichikom or backpack because you can go for local, if truncated this black mark.

Maksyatina: "Personally, when I flew to Moscow not to disrupt the funny luggage tags for the cops. If there is a funny luggage tags, so I just arrived, since I only flew it means I have a ticket, and therefore I pointless to ask for registration. And the cops did not stop with these funny luggage tags on the bags. And as for the Muscovites do not even know."

Donor_darom: "Here's how devious trick of our visitors touching, disinterested staff Police! Funny luggage tags themselves ponaveshali - and do not touch them already. a sergeant that die of starvation?"

Zelenaya_koshka: "Maybe back home in a hurry?"

Donor_darom: "Funny luggage tags also interfere! Rustle, for all cling to, degrade aerodynamic performance."

Bruja_aprendiza: "I never tear off funny luggage tags until the next trip - it was "so happy that the living flew" so I have my own personal sign. And then, pleased to attract attention: there, a girl aircraft flies, such as steep - in general, it is everything that you listed, only with plus sign. and not to be afraid of cops, it is desirable to simply fly in the normal places, but not in Moscow."

Alon_68: Hmm ... A true fact, sometimes a long time not to disrupt! Sometimes you prepare a suitcase for your next trip and find the handle on the old labels. Probably, subconsciously exactly what you are saying. Well, I live in Israel, we zagranpoezdkoy no surprise and no will draw, and going to this funny luggage tags in a taxi from the airport straight home, but still ...

Donor_darom: *Subconsciously exactly ...* psychological approach to the problem neotryvaniya funny luggage tags perspective. But we should not neglect and sociological theories, the above - and set out below. One must finally solve the mystery over the centuries which beats the humanity!

Invalidimja: "I do not tear off funny luggage tags from your baggage. Simply because the airport in rush-crush-crush (Especially if it is Moscow's airports because all the seams!) Is not tearing up any funny luggage tags. (I they do not interfere). I have them even at home is not always tear off on arrival. Usually they are cut off before the next travel with this bag-suitcase. Paranoia is a really scary thing!

funny luggage tags one


funny luggage tags second


funny luggage tags third


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