Gold cufflinks:


gold cufflinks

Image 1: gold cufflinks.

gold cufflinks 1

Image 2: gold cufflinks.

gold cufflinks 2

Image 3: gold cufflinks.

gold cufflinks 3

Image 4: gold cufflinks.

gold cufflinks 4

Image 5: gold cufflinks.

gold cufflinks 5

Image 6: gold cufflinks.

gold cufflinks 6

Image 7: gold cufflinks.

gold cufflinks 7

Image 8: gold cufflinks.



This original accessory quickly won the hearts of fashion-monger, but only in the late 19 century cufflinks are widely spread as an integral part of male wardrobe. This has occurred primarily through the development of production capacities, which has cut costs and by improving the design and evolution shirts men in general.

Cufflinks come in the fashion world relatively recently. This enhancement is in the early 17 th century in Europe. Wanting to look elegant, men  sleeves or lace ribbons laces. However, especially representatives of extravagant strong sex was used for this purpose silver and gold buttons, connected by short chains. Thus was born the concept and cufflinks.

History cufflinks.

You are more opportunities in choosing cufflink in classic costume. Be sure to select the color cufflink. They must be combined with other elements of your wardrobe. Choice for gold or metallic tone color depends on the ring or watch. Colored cufflinks matched the color of shirts, ties or scarves breast.


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