Good foods for energy.

I always feel all aid and assistance of Heaven.

Nowadays it is believed that the unknown in this world anymore, almost all the secrets on Earth have already been opened. Open all continents and continents. But we are at pre-school group on Knowledge of Life. We do not know which law is built on life in the universe.

Before our ancestors without supercomputers sensitive devices, satellites, determined the weather, know when to start work on earth when you collect the grass from which disease it will help. They had a close relationship with nature, with mother-earth. We lost those ties. But now many people understand that this does not lead to good, and slowly begin to recover this relationship.

We have not completely lost this knowledge, something we unconsciously apply in life, based on signs, customs, and traditions. But, even using, do not know the roots of this knowledge and can not explain why they should act that way and not another.


My friend worked in school history teacher and talking to me, knowing me, nevertheless did not believe in what I do, and always treat it with irony if not, it is quite serious. But somehow appealed to me for advice: she decided to buy his familiar table of handmade, beautiful, but I heard that other people should not buy things because they carry the good foods for energy of the former owner, its problems and disease.


I also said that this is not recommended, especially since the woman who sold the table was a serious disease of the legs. But my friend wanted to buy so-favorite thing they did not want to listen to any arguments.


Two days later she was already not to laugh and to joke. It spiznyuvalasya to work and to stumble on the stairs, broke his leg. Steel has ceased to please her, and she gave it free to the country's neighbors.


We sometimes hear: "Do not sit on the corner table." But what lies behind these words? Angle (any furniture), sharp objects symbolized arrows, spears, weapons that kill. Any sharp object aimed at a person radiates good foods for energyfailure, as if intruding into human good foods for energy field, he "breaks through" bio protective layer, there is leakage of vital good foods for energy and human health problems, and gradually begin to suffer and other areas of life.


In everyday life we often face with the wisdom of ancestors. They lovingly protected our turf. And all signs, customs and traditions of their ancestors are directed not to the detriment of the world, and to protect the interests of man.

For example, not proschaysya the threshold "implies that the threshold is an invisible boundary and the good foods for energy barrier that separates the two worlds - our world and the stranger. This destroys the good foods for energy barrier of communication, prevent making contact. Certainly the threshold communicate with strangers, and any thing given to man over the threshold, bears are dead good foods for energy so that the transmission is lost touch with this world. Benefits would not be. Known and signs such as the prohibition to sit on the threshold, move from halfway. All these skachki2 "from one world to another" are connected with the loss of good foods for energy, which was aimed at achieving your goal. If you had to go - look in the mirror for a moment or sit at the table, as if his good foods for energy zaryadzhayuchys fire.

I am glad all the good it gives me a lot.

I accept all the blessings that life sends me.

I love you. I accept myself. I trust his fate. I choose to live rich and happy here and now.

Surround yourself, your home with positive good foods for energy. Even doing cleaning the house, do it with love and joy. A hostess should prepare food in a calm state, napityvaya food with positive good foods for energy. Inappropriate, standing near the plate, to discuss an accident or disaster, we should not put a TV in the kitchen: often with blue screen of us poured far more positive. Dish saturated with destructive good foods for energy of pain and suffering, and you can just "poison" of the food of their loved ones. Infiltrator in the human body, such food will bring many problems. But if you're preparing dinner, will not only speak but think of the pleasant, the good, the food will taste better and "charge" your loved ones and are good emotions and health.

Good foods for energy

Image 1: Good foods for energy.

good foods for energy 1

Image 2: Good foods for energy.

Good foods for energy 2

Image 3: Good foods for energy.

At the table do not want to talk about fatigue, malaise, lack of money. So you kodiruete food (and through it - and yourself) for trouble and problems. Accepting food, always talking about pleasant or just dumb, can include quiet music.


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