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Happy thought of the day.


Yesterday said their "long awaited" 20-year anniversary and this happy thought of the day. For the first time! And for the first time in his life the next day I have not had such a pleasant relief to the soul, which, they say, it was over and the glory of God - until next year, my friends. On the contrary! Everything was so great that the next day came to light sadness, and her desire to continue the celebration. :) I'm so surprised and so happy thought of the day about that ... I think, because finally, the 20-th birthday feel truly happy thought of the day! With me still my old friends with them new favorite person, my parents ... All that needs to be happy thought of the day ...)

Gifts Nadaraya a lot!)) And yet received congratulations from the people dear to me, from which there may not expect to hear such good warm words ... And it's twice as nice) were pleasant surprises, all sorts of surprises ... In short, I love it!

Did not want me 20 was executed, to be honest ... But now comfort myself that I, in principle, and a week before the date of birth is almost 20, it was so yesterday, nothing really has changed. ;)

Thankful for all the gifts that she pripodnesla me over the years)

And I have already established tradition - begins to suffer ... I now have objective reasons for this - I love ... and, again, I got everything as requested ... I have not asked for one thing - that it was a good long while on the other hand .. that man was able to take my love ... and he enjoys it, but do not believe me .. and do not believe women, I think, in principle ... as well .. good on all accounts ... maybe time will heal me (but I do not want it), can time heal it (which is unlikely) .. and may just be the end of light and all will be rewarded on merit ... in general, anyone happy thought of the day with love in your heart it's great .. but if God heard my prayers and gave me the opportunity to be with this person - I would consider this the best birthday present ... hear me, I'm here , I'm here ... Happy thought of the day!!

Happy thought of the day cake

Happy ball thought of the day

Happy thought of the day raspberry

Happy birthday thought of the day

candle happy thought of the day

Happy ribbon thought of the day

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