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Home buying search.

Do not humiliate yourself like sponging humanity?
How did it is still fun and interesting to read ;-)
Well, how do you think - predictions have come true?

Dad, Mom, I'm a computer ...

Author: Peter Novikov | Posted in zhurnael "Change" number # 1413, April 1986. 

Meet: Electronics BK-0010 ", a home buying search computer.

Find common ground with him as easily as to learn, for example, the musical "harvester." At least so says one voice Kabanovas family, one of the owners of "Electronics". Hope and Simon Kabanov - the inhabitants of the town near Moscow. With the "Electronics" to "you" and their daughter, second-form girl Natasha, and even five year old son Misha.

"Electronics" is able to very quickly "to think" - three hundred thousand operations per second. In addition to all sorts of calculations, the country's first home buying search computer can teach his master a foreign language, to give the desired address, phone number, any mortgaged advance information can play with you in electronic games, five minutes prior to your arrival to boil coffee, to the hour when the children it's time for the lessons off everything in the house "entertainment devices" and include them to cancel the order ...

It is worth such a machine is not cheap yet. About a thousand rubles. But in the store it until you find - bought up the organizations concerned, almost from the assembly line. However, experts believe, is approaching the time when the prices of home buying search computers will become much more accessible.

It is no secret that many still refer to your home buying search computer as to an apparent domestic luxuries such as electric toothbrushes. But, I think, after "personal acquaintance" with the "Electronics" and such feelings will disappear. There is a view that the 7-8-year fellowship from the home buying search computer a person is able to intelligently vary so much that hardly find a common language with people who do not know computer. Why? And because it is unthinkable broad "shoulders" of micro-computers.

On the basis of "Electronics" in the near future it will be the device that can even ensure the security of our home buying search: it can learn the owner's voice or fingerprint, or react to a verbal password. Computer will keep a watchful eye over the expenditure of energy and never leave a light in the bathroom, if you went from there. If you enter a dark room, thanks to the instantaneous reaction bulb light up the computer there. With the aid of a computer all the options you want your figure instantly prove, for example, in computer memory, a tailor, but he really knows his stuff ...

But perhaps the biggest shock for us to be a phenomenon that already exists but which has not yet even a name. So far, only the French managed to pick up more or less suitable. Telematics they called connection features automatic data processing machines (ie PC) the possibilities of modern communications technology (TV, phone, etc.). Telematics changes our idea about where it ends and begins work home buying search. After all, is to connect home buying search computers to the same central bank of any data: architectural, medical, financial, mathematical, legal, historical, and - as there will be no need to walk into the library, shaking the bus, to a nine-catch in the service - Work on health at home buying searche. And your leadership can be easy: the computer does not cheat - what to do at home buying search for the day, that will be reported to the "top". And at any moment.

home buying search first image

Home buying search 1

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Home buying search 2

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Home buying search 3

More than a hundred years ago was born aphorism: "Finding the truth in nature, people throw it in the book, where to find it even harder." How to keep up with the right information, if only one shelf of the Lenin Library lengthened during the year by ten miles! One-fifth of the money allocated on a global scale for the development of science, spent in search of the already known. And scientists themselves have a third of his time spent searching for information. A home buying search computer will save us from these troubles.

The time will come, and the computer will appear in every home buying search, but here's the rub: According to the philosophers and social scientists, it turns out to be its own "fumes and soot. No, the computer - an environmentally friendly device. But do not "cleanse" whether he thought that is so typical person at all times, and our head? Indeed, experience suggests evolution: without training - it is a routine repetition of a series of exercises or specific reactions to certain circumstances - the amount of the knowable can not go into quality Cognitum. Same computer with lightning speed gives the finished result. Do not humiliate yourself like sponging humanity? Yet accumulated enough data to answer this question. But it is absolutely clear: man is something to work in the computer age. After all, even with the aid of a computer is impossible to establish the limits of human creativity. Also, someone should, and in fact set up programs for sverhumnyh machines. That is, in principle, be smarter than them! Perhaps an allusion to the correct conclusion is the essence of the machine itself: the dialogue with a computer requires a very active role of human beings.


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