Home working vacancies.

My post is about a generation of great nehochuh ungodly medical benefits brought the number of comments, and so many outraged by this post. Like, by and large you're here to stigmatize young people who do not want to home working vacancies! And why should we want to home working vacancies? Home working vacancies - it's hard. It's hard. This prinudilovka. What's so surprising that normal people do not want it? That adults have convinced themselves that it is necessary. Because otherwise - the very worse. You ought to something live. And the young - they're just normal people who have not forgotten how to honestly say that home working vacancies - it is "fu".

In fact, we know that "no worse than the torments of boredom."

I am not going to write about doing nothing for a day, week or even a couple of weeks
When life is boiling and bubbling, and then suddenly on the circumstances case, the phase of doing nothing, it's usually very nice.
I really like after several months of hard home working vacancies to arrange a vacation, and that nothing-even-not-doing. This is so cool! Usually in the early days of vacation, I truly do nothing at all: hang out between the bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner and the beach, or other opportunities lie. On average, the desire to take up again for something meaningful to the day of the fifth. A week later, I feel joyful willingness to home working vacancies. I find myself on the fact that making plans - here I get to the house, do it, then start. In severe cases, to leave if I had some terribly difficult year and I really developed into a pen, I require 10-14 days of idleness. After two weeks, I just can not go!
If more reason I'm not doing anything I'm starting to suffer.

I saw many people who've hang idle for a long time. It usually occurred from the fact that there was no need to do something. For example, there is some source of income, or some human feeding. He lost his job and found a new, or somewhere cast to learn and nothing new is not yet started. Something finished, something instead has not begun, and the man hung.
He begins to suffer in the four walls ...

First, all the cool - do what I want!
Then - half of the people becomes intolerable at home, and they begin to walk in guests, and where a "hang". Part of the familiar first reacted with enthusiasm, then they start from such guests to get rid of the eternal. Remain somewhat the same bums who have no idea how to kill time, but when they are together, it is somehow not as sad as one by one. Either there is still public places where you can hang, but there is either uncomfortable, or it costs money. Life begins to fill up the question, where would do with himself (physically) so as not to suffer at home. Time still drags painfully, and the days are looking for something that will help to forget that until the next evening still so far away.

Another - on the contrary, virtually cease to leave the house because it is they, too, seems to overvoltage. First, they think in spare time, they will walk on sportazalam, shopping and walking. Then it turns out that the gym long lazy to go to the store should change, and for garbage be put out into the yard is already the third day so reluctantly.

Could be doing household chores, but absolutely necessary in this, so they do less. The more something gets, the more as the result of fall at hand, and so on.
It starts with the pendulum between the bed, television, computer and imported pizza.

And then begins that our friend the psychiatrist calls the "degradation at the household level."
One day a man falls into bed, not washed and brushed my teeth. Because at the crucial moment he was too tired for this. And from what he so tired? Yes, it is not clear what. Of the total. Likewise, devoid of any stimulus, he wakes up in the morning and live the next day and not combed and not washed, sometimes not dressed in the worst case - not even leaving the bed. When, in the same bed is moved and pizza, and the Internet, and nevynesenny rubbish, it's time to call the doctor with a medical powder. :-)

Next start a vicious circle. The less we do, the less force. The smaller force, the less incentive. Because the human body is so arranged - it does not make something that does not demand. It does not produce a resource if that resource is not requested.

home working vacancies image one

Home working vacancies 1

home working vacancies image two

Home working vacancies 2

home working vacancies third

Home working vacancies 3

We all know: the more you do, the more prospered. The more training these, the better. The more often climb the ladder, the less dyspnea and better condition. Through the efforts we are growing.

Unfortunately, in human life, everything is made more so that if something does not touch it, it does not remain as is. It falls apart, dies, dries up and goes down.

Every man sees his degradation, even though he quite young, or if trying not to see. And it depresses him. And scary. And leads to dark thoughts.

Our growth, we are encouraged, inspired and inspires, even when we were six months old! Learned, able, right, and want more! Because it is very nice - to reach even some new heights.
See how home working vacancies children, trying for the first time in my life up. Horror as hard. And offensively, when for the umpteenth time again flop on the ass - to tears! But everyone knows that if he has to learn - all without stopping, will try to climb further and higher, until it gets to everything.

What a pity when this wondrous fire to some of us suddenly goes ...

When I wrote that many people do not want anything, I did not mean that they do not want to make money. Although the ability to feed itself - a very important function, and its absence is most frightens most people.
I lamented the unwillingness to home working vacancies on yourself in any desired direction. Whether it's passion for art, home working vacancies on their own body, creating anything, home working vacancies with other people and resources. Something that at first difficult, then easier, that requires some effort to get in, and mobilize new resources to the people when it begins to receive. Something that arouses passion and desire to go one step further. What brings a sense of satisfaction when spent at this time. And joy. And fun.

If a person has at least something is there, he finds, than to make money. The very fact that he can home working vacancies on themselves, making clear this whole concept - at least to find that good at it, and adjust for it, for they give money. As a maximum - to find a way to earn money not only for being good at it, but for the fact that pleasure in the process!

In this very post we lamented the unwillingness of somewhere to grow. Anywhere.
Home working vacancies is not something that is for others. This is something that for myself. That's why we say that it elevates man. It elevates its not over someone, but at himself, at least for a little bit with each new effort. And this - all nice and important.


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