Horoscope about love life.

Focus on the main and necessary.

What to do during the lunar eclipse? You can get rid of bad luck in work and personal horoscope about love life, from disease, damage from enemies ...

For half an hour to take a purifying bath eclipse with salt, adding 5-10 drops of orange oil, rinse under the shower. This is the beginning of ritual purification. Clothes should be clean, ritual conducted on an empty stomach - just drink a glass of mineral water by adding to it a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey (if no contraindications).

Prepare a clean (not linovanomu) paper, pencil or pen, any vessel in which the paper will burn, candles - white and pink, turn quiet music. Light candles, relax and start a ritual to change her horoscope about love life.

Something you want to remove from your horoscope about love life, something contrary to attract. But seriously consider carefully, you should not make mistakes - it's your horoscope about love life. And all actions, all decisions should be directed to the welfare and happiness. You have to decide whether it should get rid of it. And here is whether to engage in their lives? .. Be prudent in carrying out this ritual. Focus on the main and necessary.

Mentally imagine and who keeps you in horoscope about love life, then describe it, their attitude to the problem. What you are worried and concerned. When you write all that want to write, read the writing, consider what feelings you experienced while reading. Turn the sheets written in the tube and flash (on specially prepared dishes for this). Burning, imagines that burned, are all your problems, all unnecessary, superficial, that prevents you. And ashes scattered outside a window, with confidence that you got rid of unnecessary and negative.

Then take a new letter (or more, it all depends on the amount you wrote the text) and imagine what dream you want to attract into your horoscope about love life and want to get. Put all your thoughts on paper. You can make some pictures. After writing, read written. This is your plan for the near future. While reading, imagine all that you have written. Represents the situation that will affect change in your horoscope about love life, you attract luck, success, prosperity, the right people. Represent and how would worry (live) is written. You feel confident and comfortable in this beautiful world.

All written and painted, save and work with this plan of action to change and improve your horoscope about love life, the more - the better. You can put it in my room in a prominent place. If there is no such possibility, at least in the morning and evening, spend time at your "communication" with him. This you will configure itself to favorable changes in their lives. You will attract events for these changes. Miracles start to happen when a person begins to believe in them, called to meet them.

Concluding the ceremony, you can use the practice of Robert Stone and visit the charming city, so you have more strength fastening ritual. You can pre nahovoryty text on the tape travels in Magic City and include the set. Sit comfortably and, eyes closed, go to a wonderful journey. During this trip you'll feel great because you are faced with the higher spheres of existence.

Sounds wonderful music, your eyes are closed. Visualize a room where you are. It should be illuminated brighter than in reality. Surround yourself with bright white light, feeling light as a wave of protective love.

Mentally confirm my belief that you get tangible results from what is now doing. Feel worthy of any good, forgive yourself for all ... Consider the problems that you need to be addressed and for which you are applying for help to the celestial spheres. Now, journey into the beautiful city. This is your relationship with Angel Custodian. You open towards the greatest good luck, and unseen miracles constantly arriving stream of love, strength and happiness.

Imagine a beautiful door - gold-plated, with carvings and ornaments of precious stones. Experience sincere love for these doors to the world that opens behind it. Light shining light door, go to the door, knowing that it dissolved before you, as soon as you get closer to it. Imagine how you pass through the door with confidence that visiting the beautiful city will help you fulfill your desires.

You enter the world of boundless joy, love, health and welfare. You went through the door, and the first that opens your perspective - is a beautiful garden. There are many beautiful plants, many flowers. The noise of singing birds of paradise. You continue your journey and are suited to buildings with a high dome with an impressive pillared entrance. This Ecumenical Bank.

You climb the marble stairs and enter the bank. Overlooked: tables with the forms, smiling cashiers at windows, ready to serve you. Money received in the Bank, in the physical world to materialize your cash receipts or event to meet your needs. You come to the table, which is full of forms, checks. Considering your needs and transferred to check those needs that you have and what you need money. Maybe this is repair the apartment, and can study at the institute or on holiday trip, buying an apartment or car.

Go to the cashier, he takes your check. And you go from the bank, knowing that the payment process has already begun. Now you are ready to solve all their problems, not continue to never get into unpleasant situations.

Just a few steps in your mind is governed by the Temple of Wisdom. You consider his shiny dome and spire. Stays, bowing his head, and thank the Creator for the good horoscope about love life, love and joy, which enjoy in horoscope about love life, sometimes oblivious to these gifts. Praise the Creator for all that he gave you. At the entrance to note how everything shimmers brightly and a solemn silence reigns. Now you are ready to enter.

Getting to the house, you immediately shifting to the left and take one of the benches for meditation. In controlled flight of imagination you view situations and problems that want to allow to move forward and not backward roll away. You set your perception of a more universal awareness. This is equivalent to that you enter into the rhythms of the Universal Mind. You feel love and belonging. You expect. Suddenly, in your imagination float pictures that give an answer to your question. You thank the Creator for help and get out of the Temple of Wisdom. Thank Heaven Force for the wonderful walk along the beautiful city.

Horoscope about love life

Image 1: Horoscope about love life

horoscope about love life

Image 2: Horoscope about love life

horoscope about love life

Image 3: Horoscope about love life

Walk through the garden to the door before going to mentally say: "My mind only with the World Consciousness. As my progress in me rages a powerful stream of world vital energy. " Go through the door, leaving it open. Realize that feels great, as are the achievement of goals.

Always in control of his emotions, keep a great mood, utter only positive attitudes and believe that the cosmic laws of attraction happiness, wealth, welfare work fine. Repeat as often as possible: "I shall be happy and prosperous man by birth in this beautiful world. I deserve to be thriving and prosperous man. The Universe is committed to me and full of generosity and abundance. I associated with limitless riches of the universe. "

Positive thinking brings you the benefits and desired benefits. Every day your horoscope about love life is getting better. In your horoscope about love life always has good luck and success. You will always be a perfect physical and mental health. Your confidence is growing every day.

After the session Sit a while, aware of the work done, and complete the ritual with full confidence that your horoscope about love life will be a positive event. Because you love yourself and genuinely want a fortune. You love the world around us and want to fill it with love and kindness.


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