If you dont believe in yourself.

We must strive to meet the goals that you set.

Before me sits tired, exhausted woman to ask about when she last smiled and if she knew that the world around her beautiful, vain, and decides not understand what she said nonsense. A few days later she tells of how he came home after the session saw the kitchen shrunken fear son: boy accidentally ruined her favorite new pan (on March 8 she gave a set of pans.) She says that a meeting be arranged with me son a good bashing. And now, after hearing bad news, she saw no damaged pan, and a child of his own, imagined, as he waited for her return, thinking of future punishment. And instead of scandal to hold his son, she embraced him, and crying, said that they will buy a new pan, and so they stood with his son in the kitchen, arm in arm, and wept.

Here's how we prove ourselves. Whose fault is that our hearts are filled with aggression? The mayor, president, government? I think we are. And do not say that we brought to this state. We prove ourselves to this. And I will not write that, during the war saved our country with our army valiantly human kindness, goodness and wisdom of the people of this and so much is written.

You can sit back, doing nothing, and the dream of wealth and prosperity. This will bring you no good. We must strive to meet the goals that you set. We must know, that if you dont believe in yourself realistic goals and to formulate the desire. It depends on your efforts. Nezryme world, light forces, the creator of help only when a person, rejecting utrymanski habits, he becomes a man of his life, the creator of the desired events.

Olga teaches at the music school. Her parents were Communists, and she considered herself confirmed ateyistka. I once told her that our ancestors believed in God, if you dont believe in yourself that there was a power which is subject to all the Earth. Creator does not require us faith in ourselves, it just exists and helps us, protects us, we tolerate stupidity, anger. He is merciful to us. But Ola was indifferent to these arguments. She even refused to come to church. because the message that they are the son and daughter decided to be baptized was a surprise for me. If you dont believe in yourself in the power of the Creator, in that it can work wonders.

Olya with her husband, son and daughter decided to go into the forest by pine cones. When they returned, the car skidded and she promptly poneslasya the slope in a deep ravine. And here in front of Olga I got up and said that she prayed, the Lord will hear and help. Ola did not know any prayers, just began to ask God for help, pleading to save their lives and the lives of future grandson. Then a miracle happened: in a remote forest where no visible traces of human existence, on the way down racing car wheel suddenly appeared, it had lain so smoothly that slowed down the car and husband Oli, deal with the confusion, slowly brought the car off a cliff. After this case and Ola decided to be baptized.

If you dont believe in yourself

Image 1: If you dont believe in yourself.

if you dont believe in yourself

Image 2: If you dont believe in yourself.

if you dont believe in yourself

Image 3: If you dont believe in yourself.

Do not abandon your roots. One can argue on any topic, and literally bring it into question. But do not deny the fact that in thousands of years people, if you dont believe in yourself. Do not doubt the existence of the Creator who gave us the miracle of life.


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