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This morning wrote that I was a fan of small form-tweeter, and Learn is a great, inspirational rasskazy.Mne one girl whose name I have removed, sent here a letter otzyv.Vo First, it is more suitable for LJ, and secondly, I am pleased, even if among 20,000 ldey bought my book, there is one such, I have not knowingly wrote ee.Ona really understood all of my insights, as they say in marketing.
I am currently on a brief holiday in Thailand (the first time in my life got here), and thinking not say whether a new, more application book reviews are helpful.
However, remember that flattery destroys the brain, examples we see every day on TV.

Your book - it's just booking unreal inspiration! I have no relationship to the young entrepreneurs, but you and I could inspire)
My name is
Perhaps you're interested reviewers read the book, so I believe and hope that my letter to you will reach, and even if they do not reach and almost no or she is someone is filtered - it is important for me to write.
I started reading it at all by chance, even though you've heard about (to this day a little) - Search the site book "Moscow" something about airplanes (which is very strange and unusual for me, do not even remember why), and the search found me brensonovskuyu Screw it (at least strange, Dunno why her). For a couple of months earlier, flew to Moscow from Heathrow, I saw the planes with tails "Virgin" and was very surprised - I'm a fan of music since childhood, the singer and all that jazz, and for me the logo Virgin-recording; a long time and is very familiar name. And I was not the subject of numerous company Virgin. In Moscow, read about Branson, I realized I found him a book, pulled thread in your book - and it just booking came out, I'm actually one of its first reading. These two books - yours and Richard - one might say, made my summer. just booking so coincided with my life cycle, that after certain changes were needed new incentives, new powers for the purposes of old, and I found it in both books. For this you just booking thank you, although I still to this return. (I like to write much, I can not reduction - all important, and, apparently, get a long letter.)
Before the book was two times when I even saw you. As sometimes happens - something happens in the past and do not mean very much, and then there is something else and you come back to that past and think, gosh, it's been! I work at Goldman Sachs (one and a half years), and from all the companies who visited us during that time, TCS Bank - my favorite: you come from very special people who do not want to mention exactly who you are and so, probably, you know. Since you're all the same person ATL, I hope there will be nothing wrong with that, I mention this - I'm writing like a normal person who knows you from the TV:), Goldman Sachs, so the word.
I wonder what feedback you are coming on the book. I wonder who mainly speaks - the very businesses on which it focuses, your colleagues on the shop floor, or like me. Although that's what I'm saying. Sometimes you sit at a concert and think - it's all just booking for me, exactly what I need it more than all those present, but I truly understand, and only for me, all this is happening. I do not know Have you ever had that, but I have such garbage ever - with music, movies, books - mostly with art. New album from the artist, and I'm just booking jealous of the millions of fans - it seems to me better than I am a connoisseur there and everything was done for me. With your book because it happened. But subjectively, the way it is)) not to know how important it has found someone else, but I know that I had that something was different. This feeling goes something like "I can just booking quickly!" and lasts until now.
Write in the hope that you have read, and not in complete confidence - a much steeper. I can afford to write more openly. All the while I was reading (the process was stretched out to vacation and work), there was a sense that life - yours, and words like mine. Phrases, the style and manner of writing - all terribly familiar, I love to argue just booking that. Beyond words, well, just booking amazing similarities .. It is clear that the rules of the book you are not one, but still I am sure that globally we have a thought process works the same way. There, in the end you're writing about people, to whom still will not get such-and-so that these clerks are even more convinced of their limited beliefs about you. It was a pleasure to read - I was opposed to them, I was on the other side. I do not just booking understand, I see it all the same. Absolutely. And I understand you understand what you are. It's nice to know the truth. All of your principles, all - they have me exactly the same. All of these pieces - the madness, emotion, desire to subdue them at a crucial moment, the need for adrenaline, the need to deal only with that from which burn for the sake of buzz, and not dully accomplishment to achieve. My position is one hundred percent identical. I can not bring myself to do something that is not to your liking. But if something catches, better than me no one will do, I can not sleep at night until you get the best. Generally, perfectionists because there are two types - stupid and clever. The first is often hampered if their perfectionism gets in the way of normal people, but the second - all engines of progress. That they all came up and embodied.

I love when a priority - style. Few people do their work style. In Russia there are too few, and all because of our Russian complexes. This applies to all professions, not only to the creative (though it is most painful for me - our contemporary art music and cinema). My first impression of London - working in an orange jacket, which rolled some tires in one pile, and went back, dancing the moon walk Jackson. I could not believe it's true and people just booking live, it's his natural state. My first memorable trip to London. Employees of the subway - a beautiful, young, with tattoos, earrings in their ears, some pumped up as models of GQ or anything there yet. Police walk with dignity. All of which I represented the west - all came to pass, and was even steeper and rokenrolney than I'd expected. There are all stylish.

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Very urgently wanted to find you and say how I agree with everything there, where you wrote about Moscow and the way you do not like. All my life I'm trying to get myself to love Moscow, and I can not. I'm trying to convince myself that Moscow is a beautiful, grand, magnificent, all it wants, I even specifically looking at the kinds and I repeat myself, but in fact, do not feel anything. I honestly wanted to love Moscow, but I can not. But I always knew that love America. So far, not been there, but there is no doubt that, yes, it's mine. Like the UK. Everything is logical, traditional and modern at the same time so madly, so free, so musically and dissolved. Right all the contradictions of my character. I'm awfully fond of you right when I read about the dislike of Moscow. Seriously))
This, of course, an idealization, I do not know you, but the image of Tinkoff's biography, I fell in love. Just booking never expected that you are. It turns out, as I do. Similarly knowingly wrote a book - at least for me. I assure you - I am one of the best readers of all who read it. I understood what you mean - in the broadest sense.
So, the stylish Russia does not - or it should look under a microscope. The last time was riding the subway and was horrified at the inscriptions "Shutting the door." font: one word in big letters, another young, stressed for some reason, a piece of paper under the plastic thing, screw. Madness. Flagrant. And so everywhere. Do not know what to admire foreigners (
You work as a stylish, or something. Perfectionism, but creative. And it's cool. As a future musician, I'm happy that I, too, this is - or stylish, or in any way. It interferes in my life, but I still have not changed is the quality of the increased productivity of all shit. By the way, swearing - also my favorite) I do not want here in the letter to prove it, because I have great respect for you now, but I was also pleased to read when they came across. In my opinion, this is a very rokenrolno) I love that word, it has a lot to me. First of all, freedom. By the way, about Oliver - you've written, he was a former punk. It would be interesting to look at the photo. I saw Oliver too. Freedom - the most important thing in my life concept. All looking for her, did not find it, even though deep down I know that it all inside and so it is.
I would certainly like to meet you, but this letter is not to do so. Getting too must be worthy, somehow and someday it will happen, I'm sure. So I praise you here yet, not in order that it may be flattering, I just booking like the most, because your book really brought pleasure. I now believe you when you talk about politics. I, too uninteresting. For me, most politicians - charity. The rest - too hard. You said it well - or higher mathematics, or idiots (can not remember the exact quote).
And really, where you wrote that music fan, love the music of CDs in America - and even more so I loved you)), there are people who pretend to be connoisseurs of art, particularly among the wealthy of their lots - all the fakie, I can not stand. Only because of the love of the music I like you by 50 percent, it's a lot)) I never really would not be able to love someone and take it interesting, if he has no perception of art and music. That is, if he all of a steep - and interesting, and talented, and kind, he is still defective, if not hear and feel the music. Somehow that's right.
Now that has been written all this, I do not care, read it or not. I would really like to read.
Branson, of course, superchelovek, and I felt about the same as reading it Screw it - inspiration and respect for him, but you are Russian and simple. My favorite mix of people - the great achievements and loyalty to himself - kept simple complicated. Mzhno imagine the only service you have not seen in public places just booking does not happen and how important it is after all to remember their roots. Cool. Very much respect you for it. The contrasts and contradictions - I myself like it. Cool, as you correctly say about the business and how easily swear. It distinguishes you. I do not know if I have the right to say so (but chutzpah something I also have enough), but in my opinion, I too have the same blood as you do with Branson (your quote). I do not like to make statements before something is done, but here I'll write. I just booking love western music, share the Western mentality, and the music is going to explode as far as possible. All first grand plans and look at what I can, but I am more than ever - not only because of the book, but still a couple of events - the world is determined to kick ass. In Russia, very bad with the music, spending time can not be run there, "to her" - they are for me more clear, the Americans and British. I do this to the fact that perhaps we really get acquainted somehow. I would like.

Had you even a little music as a hobby - as before - for example, would you have a small record label - I would, firstly, it is still made of the meeting and cooperation, and, secondly, we would have broken a hundred percent to the west with this new good professionally made and contemporary music with a Russian name. With steep - just booking cool - videos, cool image and everything else. It is a pity that all wrong, but I'm so going to do it. And if you'll meet, I'll ask you, do not remember whether you've accidentally one lingering long letter.
I even chose education because of mtv. All that was shown on mtv in the nineties - it was my inspiration, an inexhaustible until now. I am a translator because she wanted to know English. Today, finishing the book, and thought again - lack of talent make their way, seeking for some sludges get out and about me nobody knows my ideas and ambitions. Urgently needs to do something! Many of our stars do not listen to music, do not know the new names are not interested in new technology, no refresher courses, so to speak. I'm not even about the old fart, but about new ones - they also do not care. I can not believe that this Russian slough can get bogged down and no longer want to become famous all over the world - I know that I is not threatened. I love change and the cycles (I think you are too). If a person does not change the style and image with a new album, how could I not love him, he means to me - a singer or a group of one-hit, one album. just booking do not understand Every day I look, who released the world, new releases, twitter figitter who like repainted and how many tickets sold. Last Friday, Take That (I do not listen), sold one million three hundred thousand tickets for the summer tour. For 24 hours, even to hell! " As possible after such news to be satisfied with the apartments, and Moscow Kremlin and what they have there in the limit of dreams. Travel from village to village with songs written ten years ago .. I do not understand. They already can do nothing - our star. But I can - by virtue of the fact that I have ambitions above the material. I think you understand me. At Wembley I would sing for free at least for life, even if there were no where to live. I think about it all the time. In my opinion, everything should work out. It's not a Russian dream, and American. Much bolder - a million times.
I agree with you - the Internet - might. And they do not enjoy. I hate our music business.

I want to tell a little story - what happened to me a month ago in my beloved London. I came specifically for two concerts. The second was the eve of his departure. Two hours before the concert, I'm awful hurry, almost late, the subway hated the stupid tourists who owe the queue, ran ran to catch. Came in fast to the store and the same at all of them in the 8 most closed, get out and then a movie. Dude from the group to which I arrived, walked past me. Quickly - again, and passed, and I had learned in a split second. I'm not really very shy, but for some reason so ofigela that went out quickly. Was about five seconds, no longer able to)) Anyway, I caught up with him, we had a little chat, he left me an autograph, sfotkalis .. What I am is everything. It was just booking a night when I realized the important thing - in life and really have a place some kind of miracle. It was a scene from a movie, never anything like this was not with me. Confluence of events struck me mad - I was a certain amount of minutes and even seconds in the queue at Subway twice, at a certain speed was, and he, too - not much a famous musician (in the sense in Russia for me, of course, already long-Star - Group Hurts, if you've heard). Surrealism, mysticism, whatever. Instead, I could be any other fan. And I was. I know that in Moscow to me this would never have happened. It's all London. It was really like in the movies - the street was quite empty, windows, lights, and singer of this in a long black coat, all such London-prelondonsky, a handsome man) That I just booking tell you, without any reason.

Thanks again for the book, Oleg. If someday I will write a biography, it would be like you. I love the frankness - certainly treacherous for yourself the quality, but currently I love him more than anything. My best trait - say it all right. Me from this direct physical pleasure. People somehow do not wait) And this verbal courage (I think you are familiar) - when that's not at all think about it, but just booking all the straight talk Yeah, I love it myself) By the way, none of the other person, except myself, have not met . Judging by the book, you're the second such person I know. Russian people are so easy to confuse and frighten true. Nice to scare sometimes.

Is there a good Asian saying - that happened twice will happen a third time. I have this rule works. I have seen you twice. That would be you, of course, invite for coffee, but even with my creative flights of fancy, I know that I am too one now. If you do read it, someone out there knows what you will have the mood. Only here the arrogance I still have more than common sense. So I invite you for a cup of coffee:)


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