Just right reading.

A variety of weekend - a very productive time just right reading these books, sometimes I think, are accustomed just right reading from the monitor, we generally forget what they look like. On May I had the opportunity to observe how just right reading Nabokov's Dar. I'd like to just right reading books with such enthusiasm and thirst for debate, especially Nabokov, if it is actually just right reading is not the first time. I have to entertain more professionally-oriented literature, just right reading a book by Madeleine Albright Religion and World Politics. If you enthusiastically just right reading The Grand Chessboard Brzezinski and F. Kissinger Diplomacy, then this book will certainly be interesting. And if the title issues are the scope of professional interest, not curiosity, it is worth just right reading twice: very efficient and generally fair, but there are specific standards of perception inherent in American politics.

I am partial to the sounds and texts. Nothing captivates my heart so immediately as the sound of human voice, a different, male and female, low or high, scream or whisper, well delivered, tearing, shamelessly falshivyaschy, just right reading. Perhaps that is why I wholeheartedly love opera, a priori, concentrating beautiful voice (and still I am very like my title to the described opera The Human Voice by F. Poulenc, which is hardly destined to be delivered in Kiev). And, of course, in an era when dozens of people you obschaeschsya, never hear their voices, to hear and already on a refined pleasure becomes a dream.

In addition, I admire the texts. Regardless of genre, in which the author works. Masterfully written by an inspired text, imbued with aching sincerity of its creator ... What could be finer than this? That compares with these wonderful creations? This pearl, quivering in their pristine.

Each time, just right reading something like that, I intend to tell authors about it, but I say why is not everyone ... I am very sorry about this, because maybe someone does not know that he write more and more, the world would become cleaner and brighter. Just right reading again and again, like today, even about things that I have not experienced in life, and I live in my current system of values, never come across, I understand how important it is the right word, especially if it will be heard. For someone again, but here I did not write about it. The ability to return to the reality of the word - a precious gift that it is important not to spill on the very same arena and the arena, where millions of my hack ...

However, I am actually not going to discuss the read me, and just right reading about what excites me is not the first month, but could not find a realization that's up to those endless discussions of Nabokov's creation. Yes, and linked the two things are very shaky, just right reading the name of the book coincided with the fact of what I thought.

And I thought of the gift, which is everyone. In all, he is absolutely different, and each of us considers himself an exceptionally gifted in one area, but for others, the people around him, this gift can find a very different manifestations, of which he has no idea. And we all, without exception, came under the influence of gifted people, just right reading each of us in this sense has its Achilles heel.

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Simply delighted.
May Day weekend spent in the Carpathians. On the way to Mukachevo I have always had doubts whether I could at this time to get there alive and well, almost the first time in my life I ukachalo on the road, and the speed developed by the driver of the vehicle. All anything, but in such a society is not the first time I traveled and a couple of times, even been in a ditch with the car, that since the word Yarmolinetsky region Khmelnitsky region evoke terrible memories for me ... But this time suschestvovashie once ephemeral castles are located in remote villages in the area, were not to travel, and wanted to get there without any problems. In principle, it was possible, but it was somehow frightening. Sometimes I ride too fast, especially if from Kiev to Frankivsk I need to get up to 5 hours, but once again not to put myself in such extreme conditions and peacefully traveling at a speed of 120 km, to their joy, and others ...

A Transcarpathia fine ... Only a very wet, so it was. I was not the first time there, so it was difficult to fully share the admiration of others Mukachevo or Uzhgorod, for example. Long and irrevocably, I conquered Uzhgorod embankments, noisy center and the majestic river.

Discovery for me was Beregovo very friendly city, a beautiful center, and this city is really alive, he is not dead in its beauty, all sights are fully functional and open, the mass of cozy coffee houses. Come to this city is much easier than to leave it. Not very many cities have, producing an impression: a very long time with such a nagging feeling the first time I was leaving Terebovlya to return again and again, and last summer visited Berezhany, come to my dream more than once. Such cities are never opened idle tourists stopped for an hour. They wait for us to stay in them, marched through the streets, to breathe this air, and were ready to listen to them, listen to the people who live in them ...

That's because they do not need to look no city, that is galloping through Europe, visited Hust, Vinogradova, Tyachev and Irshava. Just right reading a sleeper category, seeking to put a tick in my guidebook ... I am for them, fortunately, I do not belong, and associates often, yes. I'm sorry.

And, of course, I visited two places that are delirious for several years. The first was Tustan in which we found a terrible rain, had to wear two sweaters, but even the perennial handkerchief, my hiking umbrella, is not saved from total wet. But what there is still beauty, great rock, life-giving air, there must remain for several days, and we spent three or four hours of power. Struck a crowded Tustan, somehow I was sure that this is a lonely place ... and as it turned out, not too far from Lviv, can in future be combined.

The second which I saw Pearl - Synevir Lake, among the most vyskoih these mountains, which I lacked in Transcarpathia ... Beginning of May, and in the mountains of snow, surprisingly well. Words, even difficult to convey the beauty of this lake, as, indeed, did not pass its special color and made the photo ... The only thing I can say it's worth the long trip, take-no regret. And, of course, there again it was cold: coats, double sweaters, scarves - all useful.

Special thanks to all who were with me along the way, who met with us in the Carpathians, and played with me in football, who focused on the area and invited to attend the July holiday, as well as those who have renewed and returned to dispel my uneasiness, and those who have been away, but with whom I could keep in touch.

And I miss for Kiev, as it turned out ... Sometimes why I'm such a fool
Noticed that the rhythm of life I have so much has changed, and I fear not for the better, that miss any events, which last year might have for me in the truth of the utmost importance. My global priority in the general social sphere has always been, and remains to this day season home of the National Opera, which opened so well for me this year's opera G. Maiboroda Yaroslav the Wise, after that there were other plays, and threw all this writing, because my days are more measure of the busy production of texts varying degrees of readability, and to blog your hands reach just right reading in case something ekstraordinaronogo or write custom text in a series of Happy New Year, where she was.

So, returning to the opera season ... Despite the fact that he did not pass me by, to my shame I must confess I did so and was not in a widely publicized and visually stunning visited on December premiere, Norma, Bellini, and after there were 2 or 3 performances. Of course, that there are objective reasons, but I fear that the decisive role played here are absolutely subjective factors: the fear I go to the production of the opera, visiting at which everyone is talking only about special effects, scenic ... and no word about the vocals. Or it became a mauvais ton now? After the performance in the Drama Theatre, we discuss the musical arrangement, and after the opera are talking about special effects? Am I so behind the times for listening to countless recordings?

In general, I am afraid this statement and yesterday's performance missed quite deliberately, and the next will go exactly nowhere to go, despite the fact that I can hardly imagine a norm or Adaldzhizu performed by any of our ladies (tenor did not discuss how class).

But the rate - it already passed stage of the National Opera, I think, not for a long time she settled in terms of repertoire. Tomorrow the new prime minister. The opera, about which so much talked about in the light of new products repertoire Boyarynya B. Koreiko. Tomorrow I will not be there, too early to put the prime minister after May 10 would be a much more natural, but you will need to go listen. Despite everything, this opera for me is important and should be an important positive never in her life had not heard, it seems to me that even the fragments, and it inspires me most.

Future perfect.


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