Luggage bags for sale.

Airport in terms of a luggage bags for sale. 
Do you know what happens to your luggage bags for sale at the airport outside the window with rubber cilia after you've passed it in luggage bags for sale? Press Service of the Moscow airport "Domodedovo" invited me to her and gave to photograph the work of all airport services. In particular, I took a picture of a suitcase all the way from the reception to the loading him on the plane. Today I begin a series of reports about how the airport ...

1. Oversized baggage, baggage that is large or custom sizes, you can take a separate rack. It is advised to take the airline and fragile baggage. Here it stick the tag "glass" and sent down not at the general assembly line, and a special elevator.

2. Luggage bags for sale compartment has a huge hall, which resembles a small underground city at the airport. Its network of luggage bags for sale space twist conveyors, the length of which, in overall, more than 3,5 km. All bags come down here and one of the 6 arms.

3. The first step is the suitcase through the scanner. No matter what the situation was not lying suitcase scanner finds information on his tags. If you have left on the trunk sticker with a bar code from the previous flight, the scanner can be confusing, and your luggage bags for sale will go on additional processing, where airport staff to manually find the right tag on the suitcase and send it to your flight. Therefore, airport employees told me to pick all extra suitcase with stickers after each flight.

4. Then the suitcase falls into INTROSCOPE where it shine for explosives weapons and other prohibited items.

5. If the case illustrates the suspicious, the baggage will be sent to more than scrutiny.

6. Suspicious luggage bags for sale has 4 additional checks, including computer-aided tomography and diffraction setup.
7. To search for explosives are also used dogs.
8. Oversized baggage shine on a separate security checkpoint. By the way, if your bag stick handle or shoulder strap does not detach, it will also be recognized as an oversized.
9. In the luggage bags for sale compartment of the Moscow Domodedovo airport suitcase can hit one of the six conveyors. Having scanned, 6 sleeves combined into.
10. Bags at high speed (video of my "assistant" [info] Marat is at the end of the article) pass through another scanner. It is determined on a flight registered suitcasen and, depending on it, goes to the left or right-grader, also called "Circle". If the "circle" right, then the case goes up.
11. If the "circle left, then down. Moreover, the distribution pipeline element in a matter of fraction of a second time to raise or lower.
12. Before you hit the circle, the computer drives away the suitcase and throws it exactly one of range of platforms.
14. In terms of the suitcase upright on a 70 "slide-ways".
15. Slide-ways - a hill for a suitcase. The system accurately calculates the time when the suitcase will travel past the desired slide-ways, and resets the luggage bags for sale on it.
16. Take a closer look. You see the pink stripes on the slide-ways? It is a pink suitcase carries one of the platforms, "range".
17. Depending on the number of passengers per flight may be allocated 1 or several slide-ways. Suitcases with them takes the loader, and scan hand-held scanners for control shifts to the truck.
18. If the aircraft is very high, and passengers on the flight a lot, then instead of using slide-ways one of the two moving belts (triplanarov).
19. Note in the foreground baggage crew.
20. Truck with luggage bags for sale transported to the aircraft.
21. In the airline baggage can download either the small ladder-carrier.
22. Or pick up a special lift.
23. Now let's get to what is happening with our luggage bags for sale at the time of arrival. Usually, when the plane stopped in the parking lot, to him at once drove up luggage bags for sale locomotive:
24. Bags shifted to trucks, and locomotive rides in migratory luggage bags for sale compartment, in our case it was a branch of the internal lines. 
25. Bags shifted to trucks, and locomotive rides in migratory luggage bags for sale compartment, in our case it was a branch of the internal lines.
26. Oversized baggage shall be taken separately.
27. Transit baggage marked a bright yellow tag. Airport employees know in advance is does transit luggage bags for sale on the flight. His caught and placed on a separate cart.
30. In the Moscow airport "Domodedovo" I spent 4 days. Made 500 pictures. I showed absolutely everything that is at the airport. The territory of the car were taken to UAB (Service Aviation Security). More than once we toured the entire airport perimeter, and is 28 miles! Together with the pilot S7 I passed preflight medical examination, briefing, meeting with flight attendants, inspection and launch aircraft. I even allowed to climb the tower to dispatchers, where I made a couple of unique spotterskih photos. In the near future you will find a series of reports about the device the airport.

luggage bags for sale

Luggage bags for sale image 1.

luggage bags for sale second

Luggage bags for sale image 1.

luggage bags for sale third

Luggage bags for sale image 1.

Passengers to part with their luggage bags for sale at check-in. Here on the suitcase tag on a tag containing information about the owner and the destination:

From: zlobdim
Thank you, Sergei!
Or you can tell from the standpoint of AMPs security - how is controlled?
This is bad, I looked at the pictures and saw the AMPs. detectors or no staffing?

From: mik_key
Thank you, Sergei! B. When I was in the closed part of the airport? Yes, hardly ever!
In my opinion the system is complex, incomprehensible as everything is calculated. A cases still flung and Kant, in spite of the technique.

From: birusya
It is determined on a flight case is registered and, depending on this, sent to the left or right sorter. It turns out that both can be handled baggage only two flights?

From: sergeydolya
None. The number of flights depends on the number of slide-ways (70). Depending on flight luggage bags for sale departs from the circle to the right slide-ways.

From: bezka
Thank you, very interesting, even better than Discovery in "How it works". But it remains unclear why the same Domodedovo sometimes have to wait for your luggage bags for sale after flying for an hour. Seemingly simple process of unloading - taken from an airplane brought into the building, laid out on tape ... where such delays happen in time?

From: sergeydolya
This can only be associated with late locomotive. Inside the suitcase is nowhere upheld. A train may be delayed for various reasons. For example, will be towed any plane and block the motion and any other.


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