Oldies music songs.

Have not done records - first on the queue are sick, and then ... Then we have to prepay the two accounts in the MMO RPG WoW and "drowned" in it, tightly holding hands. Now, right up to December 7, free time for my flight has been reduced to between locations. But I have enough and that. The main thing is that the beloved husband beside - and in the kitchen, and in the dungeon. 
But I do not want now to share this ... Last week we did a little oldies music songs discovery. Yes, open, although the group, which now will be discussed, there are almost 17 years! We Vlad find them just now ...
I've already talked about her conservatism. If I'm getting used to something, just do not try this to change anything. Why, if it so well? .. I have a cafe, library since college years, theatrical performances, which are ready to go many times, movies that I can watch endlessly ... Probably because many people do, and my habits are not something special ...

It was force of habit, I resisted listening to oldies music songs, which, Vlad brought from work last week. Given the crucial difference in our musical tastes, "oldies music songs" could have anything ... As far as I was surprised to hear the song of the Moscow group "White Guard"! In the courtyard late autumn, the trees fray and turning in the air faded foliage, and sometimes breaks down cold rain, and the headphones of my MP3-player sings Zoya ...
Vlad, I thought, in tune with the song, ispolnyaemyae Dimitri, they are tougher, braver, but I'm closer to the lyrics. Especially in the fall.
The musicians of his style of oldies music songs called Senti-mental rock. Exactly. This sensually conscious oldies music songs with amusing and sometimes "torn" texts, and the beautiful rhythmic patterns ... Lyrics a bit naive, touching, but close and understandable to us. Creating their own songs, Zoya consciously or not use archetypes, just touch the Russian soul, prone to sitting with friends, do unexpected, unpredictable, and despite the brutality and rigidity of the modern world, lyrical and romantic ...
What are these songs? About dreams of heaven, of home and family, a warm and friendly handshake and loved open arms. About the confrontation between globalization and the enclosure itself from "potreblyatstva. The fact that even the Devil, whom we all blame, for many years simply sits and stares at us because we are admirably with the problem of suicide. So why do we stop this? Or standing to intervene so that we ourselves do not kill? .. I have a feeling that I had found a spring clean and quench their thirst from it, ceasing to swallow water from the tap, a poisonous sewer system. This oldies music songs does not require a special mindset. The mood comes itself in the process of listening.
One might find in their songs something special. We have already found, and these songs accompany us for a week. Listen and see if you want to share your opinion. I would be glad if you enjoy the oldies music songs and a few minutes the noise and dirt of megacities back and you too will see the autumn. She's trying so hard for us.
Thank you for your attention.



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