Palmistry marriage lines.

Divination - different ways to solve fate, predict the future. Some of divination, especially related to by humans, observation of the phenomena of nature, animal behavior, etc., accumulated a rational experience. However, the vast majority of them based on superstitious notions: people zazyraly in future mainly through otherworldly forces due to contact with dead ancestors.

Guessing divided into so-called okazialni, that is confined to a particular case (the construction of housing, child birth, palmistry marriage lines, etc.), and calendar, that is mounted on one or other holidays. The most convenient time for divination considered Ukrainian Christmas Eve (Holy Night), New Year, Andrew, Catherine, Easter and Midsummer.

Since ancient times, telling the stars and other heavenly bodies, by the entrails of animals, dreams, voices "swan-bird, palmistry marriage lines, grain, flowers, using water, fire, snow, etc.. With the same purpose using a variety of things: rings, mirror, combs, shoes, belts, candles and so on. There were "professional" priests. In Ukraine it - fortuneteller, diviners, healers, witches, malfary. In peasant households dominated amateur fortune-telling, which is usually preceded by an important phase of economic activity or substantial changes in private life.


Practiced individually and collectively, exclusively for women and men merely guessing. There were special restrictions on the time and place of divination. Usually sold in the evening or at night in secret from someone else's eye.


Here are some typical options Ukrainian vorozhin. If Welded kutya out of the top, it foreshadowed verhovati stacks. The first corner threw the spoon to the ceiling. If grain stuck to her corner, waiting for success in beekeeping. Over the long stalks of straw, which drew from the festive table cloth, thought, who pleaded for a long age, and who is short. In Transcarpathia the vegetables crop prospects were determined using matches, smoldering coals, extracted from the oven at the New Year. This charcoal gave the name of each plant, which is expected to grow next year. Coals that zhoryala completely, indicated a corresponding yield of vegetables.


Different girls have been guessing about palmistry marriage lines. By New Year's or St. Andrew's night told the fence pins (9 or three times to 9), the last circles of bark meant rich life in palmistry marriage lines, ragged - poor. Arranged as a kind of competition - girls perekydaly boots through the house. Who succeeded the first time, expecting that a palmistry marriage lines. Throwing a shoe through the gate and the street: where will his sock, come out and groom.


Palmistry marriage lines

Image 1: Palmistry marriage lines.

palmistry marriage lines

Image 2: Palmistry marriage lines.

Palmistry marriage lines

Image 3: Palmistry marriage lines.


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