Russian Masha.

Birthday has passed, but the sediment remains. I knew that he was now almost 100 percent sure that I like very much. He tried to find confirmation of russian masha, she tried not to give him the truth. I tried it out of love. Because I knew he had no feelings for me, most of what I can expect it to his friendship. And he continued to play. Sit with me in class, hugging, flirting.

The first quarter came to an end, my mother had gone for a while, and I had the opportunity to skip school with impunity. That I indeed did. Russian masha, too, it did not attend, due to illness, and the first half of the day I spent with her. I decided that I should just need to convince Cyril, I have stopped loving him, that he once treated me as a friend, because now he treated me very gently, as if afraid that some of his words can trigger recognition on my part. And I know that he did not want it, he did not know what my answer to that.

Unfortunately, the idea that the last days at school and you can skip, and liked Cyril, too. Therefore, the next day we were sitting together russian masha. But this is again not the worst. The fact that e and had to leave for some time from home. And again we were left alone. I do not know what was happening to him at such moments, but again started kissing me, like I did before when we were alone. Russian masha in the day did not recognize him. I later she told her. And that we always kiss when left alone. She also could not explain his behavior. 

Russian masha, thank you - very nice. Funny movie - a walk, though Lesch decided that these people - spermatozody, how Gauvreau, to each his own. When are you, russian masha, planning to spend the winter in Moscow? What the gossip on the monsoon?

fine russian masha

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Beautiful russian masha

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Varicoloured russian masha

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