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silver cufflinks

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Wanting to emphasize your individuality and taste, men are increasingly being used in her wardrobe bolder ties and shirts in conjunction with breast handkerchief and cufflinks.

Only 90 years under a shirt cuff links come back again in everyday fashion. Cufflinks are not just a classic decoration, but also fashion accessories. And young people are showing him growing interest. Especially the trend seen in our time. In glossy magazines actively write about the fact that the modern man pays more attention to his wardrobe.


In 70 years of 20 st century change in fashion entered stud shirt sleeves on the buttons. However, supporters continued to wear elegant style cufflinks. Famous makers of high fashion have remained faithful to tradition and supported the existence of this enhancement.
In the early 20 century, talented designers, representing such major jewelry companies as Cartier, Tiffany and others kept the style of Art Nouveau. Under the influence of popular at that time trends in art "art deco", "cubism", "Bauhaus" zaponok designers resorted to the use of different materials: enamel, crystals, opalescent glass, pearl, precious stones.

Manufacturers showed great ingenuity and offering all new forms, materials and mechanisms: chains, buckles, tight coupling ... The main mechanisms that until now used in the production cufflinks, was invented in the late 19 th century.In the late 19 century wardrobe bourgeois middle-class businessmen and different special elegance. However, "new dandy" remained faithful to the traditional, sometimes even strict style. Dark suits during the day, a tuxedo or black suit in the evening. Against the traditional conservative style, cuff links were given the opportunity to express yourself.


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