Sources of natural energy.

Not just decoration ..

Some influence on the person and the surrounding area have not only sound, color, light and smell, but also stones, metals and other materials that we face in life.

Any material body in the universe is sources of natural energy and properties to accumulate and store information. This applies to our items, jewelry, household items, which have full information about us. Therefore, by the way, you can not use other people's things and is not recommended to give their stuff.

I never understand those people who on the day of marriage, when the foundations are laid for future family and the lives of two people and their posterity, things to take in a holiday rental or borrow to friends. I am not talking about the wisdom of our ancestors, who kept the wedding attire for life and know that in some cases, when nothing and no one will help, this dress, which had not only strong power of joy and sources of natural energy and kind, and even helped saved lives.

Stones and metals are especially high absorption power of man and information environment. Therefore ornaments made of stone or metal, can be used as mascots, harmonizes certain properties of nature. Many stones, such as coral, malachite, rock crystal, beryl and a few others to protect its owner from negative sources of natural energy by creating their own sources of natural energy field. Therefore, he who has any decoration, not only must constantly refine its sources of natural energy from the mud, but also "communicate" with him, his napityvaya positive information and sources of natural energy. This strengthens the owner in touch with their mascot and increases sources of natural energy and enhances the protective properties. Mascots, pins, jewelry capable of neutralizing the negative energies that surround, protect and heal us. But the charms and amulets and other jewelry should periodically wash clean running water.

Metals used in jewelry give a different effect on people. Everybody knows that gold - a symbol of the sun. It has a very strong sources of natural energy and healing properties.

Gold improves mood, stabilizes mental and emotional state of man, gives him confidence in his abilities. Also, gold has a positive effect on the heart and circulatory system.

Assumed that "gold water" that results from boiling gold, improves memory and increases intelligence. But wear it constantly, too, is not recommended. At night all the decorations you want to remove and wash the salty water.

Silver and silver ware help with irritability, boost the immune and nervous system. Silver possesses strong bactericidal property, kills germs.

If you have any heart problems, wear a silver ring on the little finger left hand. A ring, put on your index finger right or left hand, improves bowel work.

Copper contributes to hemoglobin in the blood. Improves the cardiovascular system. Very useful in treating skin diseases and infected wounds. Helps with nervous exhaustion.

You can make a single copy, on request, for myself, set decoration, which can be embedded in any application, prosperity, love, health and happiness. This will be the subject of your forces by which your life will be held given sources of natural energy program.

Since ancient times was made ornaments, mascots give him that road. Knowing the properties of stones and metals absorb information and store it, you too can make a mascot and give it to you dear man. This mascot will be very strong. This is done with ritual.

You retired include quiet, tranquil music that will fill you with sources of natural energy of love and tenderness, you awake the most beautiful feeling, increase your sources of natural energy. A fire, you sweet sandalwood, rose, patchouli. A fire red or white candle. Before you stands a small bowl with salt water. You take in hand decoration, washed in a bowl with water and rub new canvas carry several times over the fire and candles, and fumigate spices.

You then presses it to his chest and filled with love, tenderness and warmth of your heart. You keep it in your hands and send sources of natural energy and goodness of creation, thinking that this mascot will have tremendous power of love and kindness, protecting your loved one and helping him. This mascot will preserve and protect it in all situations.

We know the teachings of Ibn Sina about the healing properties of stones and minerals. This is our time with the flowering of Pharmacology We are more and more vidryvayemosya of nature. A lot of old diseases treated with herbs, minerals, spices, and undeservedly forgotten by other methods, it not only strengthened health and spirit.

Wearing the stone is the easiest way of treatment. With stones you can get rid of some painful conditions, creating a positive emotional atmosphere. Our ancestors knew about the healing properties of stones and were able to correctly use their strength and sources of natural energy.

Fairest queen Cleopatra, who left an indelible mark on world history, possessed knowledge of the role and properties of rocks and minerals in human life. She skillfully used his knowledge of stones, which not only emphasized her beauty, charm and good health, but stronger and revealed its spiritual perfection. She chose the jewelry so that every stone, used her, beat her moods and gave her unique charm, emphasizing all the advantages, vidtinyayuchy charms all its nature.

The day she started her swimming pool, laid rose quartz and filled with milk ass. Then her maid was doing massage using rubies, corals, garnets, mother of pearl. A rose quartz rozhladzhuvaly her wrinkles (this procedure rejuvenates the skin). On each day of the week is to pick the proper color clothes, jewelry, surrounding himself the subject of appropriate color. If you need to be more witty she held under the tongue emerald.

Knowledge about the properties of rocks and minerals can heal a person even from some complex diseases. And if people do not know about the sources of natural energy properties of individual stones or metals, acquires and wears them just because they liked it or it is fashionable, prestigious, such thoughtless actions can lead to health disorders such as endocrine disease , urogenital organs, thyroid ... This is due to the fact that the sources of natural energypotential of human and stone (metal) may be incompatible.

For example, aventurine enhances mood tunes for fun, creates a sense of celebration, but it is not recommended for people to wear fire and air signs of the zodiac. And the earth and water signs of the zodiac can wear it long. Green aventurine creates harmony joy, helps to forget the old images and feelings. It can cure disease eye.

Since ancient times pomegranate enjoys huge popularity, it gives a sense of joy, encouraging, adds vivacity. Its recommended to wear pregnant, it was believed that he protects women and children. Depending on the color and properties of the rock family pomegranates may help in treating some diseases. For example, garnet green used in the treatment of heart disease, yellow - in the treatment of lung diseases, and red-brown - in the treatment of blood circulation.

Rubin is also a stone of love and joy. It has the color of our blood and has strong sources of natural energy and force us daruyuschey harmony. It increases sexual sources of natural energy person, love hate feelings. These properties have all the red stones.

The most popular at all times and all peoples enjoyed amethyst. In Russia it was called bishop's stone. He has the ability to protect people from the temptations and temptations, which is why the people there is an opinion that it cures from drinking. His sources of natural energy is so strong that protects people from harmful passions and lack of restraint. Amethyst can cause love to whoever gives it. So if you are unsure whether you need this man, do not accept a gift or grant amethyst. Amethyst provides nobility and generosity, gives a firm will. It purifies your heart and soul of the owner of pride, evil, arrogance. Amethyst restores the sources of natural energy of your body that connects you to the sources of natural energy of the universe and protects against rash actions.

Emerald - one of the finest stones treasury Venus. He gives the marriage bed, gives the owner of love, happiness, joy and gladness, increases intelligence, spirituality, kindness and wisdom confers, enhances intuition, helps find the right decisions in certain situations involving the owner of favorable developments. Emerald was a favorite stone of the wise King Solomon.

Agate - a stone element Earth. It is a stone of strength, stability, prudence, wisdom and strength. It helps pay anger, generosity and provides the ability to forgive insults. His sources of natural energy gives the man justice, honesty, tenacity and perseverance. It protects our sources of natural energy field of negative energy penetration. Protects well as energy and sources of natural energy vampirism attacks.

Mascots from agate to help you achieve your desires, removing obstacles to this. If you want your favorite people with you was always gentle and attentive to your love knew no bitterness and pain, love and attach the application of tenderness in the decoration of white agate and give his loved one. The program, embedded in stone, will protect your feelings and protect your love.

Depending on the color of agate used in the treatment of certain diseases. Agate warms and increases the vitality of man. Red agate used in the treatment of cardiovascular and endocrine systems, and some infectious diseases. Yellow agate used in the treatment of liver, gallbladder, digestive and pulmonary diseases. White agate relieves nervousness, irritation, effects of stress. Blue agate helps to rejuvenate the body as well as beneficial effects on the thyroid. He also treats nervous disorders and strengthens immunity. Motley agate strengthens the body's sources of natural energy, gives a person good luck, attracts love and prosperity.

Carnelian is endowed with beauty and power of the Earth. It can be a good talisman of reckless behavior. This stone attracts to you people who are close to you on this or other merit. Men wear it is recommended that this purely feminine stone.

Diamond - a stone of the Creator. It symbolizes the sun, having its strength and power, and has limitless potential energies of all elements of the universe. Diamonds (diamonds) to bring happiness and prosperity, healing and protecting people from all difficulties with a clear mind and good heart. A vicious, arrogant and unfair to give people full diamond deserts.

Diamond strengthens the heart, its powerful sources of natural energy brings harmony and prosperity in the life of the owner. Sources of natural energy and its diamond properties help in treating many diseases, feed the sources of natural energy and strength weakened the human body. Diamond promotes success in life and attracts the owner of unlimited possibilities and prospects. It protects against all negative and dysfunctional, granting rights firmness, determination and clarity of thoughts, encouraging and gives power to a new beginning, helping to overcome difficulties and mistakes of the past.

Malachite owner provides assistance in contacts involving the right people to it. If you want to attract attention, feel free to wear jewelry with malachite. Malachite is also considered children's amulets to protect against jinx.

This stone soothes toothache helps in treating asthma, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, jaundice, sepsis.

Lazurite attracts luck, creates an atmosphere of well-being in marriage. It helps in implementing the wishes and plans, fills your life with happiness, love and gives protection of Heaven.

It is believed that lazurite helps in treating skin diseases, as has anti-inflammatory properties. Heals nerve disease, cleanses blood, sharpens vision and is the anesthetic agent in bruises and pain in the spine.

One of the most respected rock after diamond and ruby is turquoise. This stone is known from ancient times. They admired at all times many nations. On the turquoise, the amazing properties of this stone consisted legend.

Turquoise unites people, gives them good-tempered and promotes favorable interactions in either direction of human activity. Turquoise makes people good-natured, patient, prudent, honest and fair, joy, creates an atmosphere of success and prosperity in business.

It heals endocrine diseases, strengthens immunity, helps in healing the liver, gall bladder, but also speeds up healing of many chronic diseases. Alleviates the insomnia cures throat, vocal cords, and strengthens the heart, nervous system and improve eyesight. Many doctors and healers ancient Tibetan turquoise bowed, considering it not rock, and marine living organism. Talisman of turquoise, bound in gold, such a transmitter power of beneficial sources of natural energy, darkness, anger, trouble, strife and woes recede, as the presence of this negative sources of natural energy mascot burns.

Jade is considered a sacred stone in China. Wearing it may be representatives of all the zodiac signs, without exception. Jade helps in solving complex issues, enhances the spiritual quality of the owner intuition.

This stone helps to rejuvenate the body, beneficial effects of rheumatism, diseases of the nervous system. White Jade treats the kidneys, normalizes metabolism, green - normalizes blood pressure and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Talisman of the Jade you really can become a friend, which adds confidence when you are too strong doubt that protection when you will be threatened, will prompt a solution when necessary. It forces you to be fed and will save you from mistakes.

Glazkova stones - tiger eye, cat eye, falcon's eye - shows itself in a time when we need protection and assistance. They change our outlook, gives knowledge, wisdom, world, show us all aspects of life and provide insight into what life is great and good of the universe to us. They filled us with sources of natural energy and strength, assist in all areas of life, strengthen family ties, making true friendships, create an atmosphere of harmony in the world around us. Our ancestors believed these stones most powerful amulet and talisman. And if a person is good and pure soul and thoughts, they help him throughout life, protecting and preserving it from evil, disease, trouble, intrigue, slander, assault, theft and errors.

Tiger's eye gives the owner power, protect against attacks, both physical and astral, protects against negative influences, prevents errors and helps to avoid making wrong decisions. The strength of this stone attracts success, good luck, favorable situation helps a person to always be in the right place at the right time and surround himself with trusted partners. Stone helps smooth out conflicts, putting negative emotions.

Falcon improves eye sight, increases efficiency and helps the owner to always have "clear" head gives his determination and intelligence, protect against any display of negative impacts.

Cat's Eye expands its sources of natural energy not only to the owner, but also on its surrounding space, as if protecting its ownership. He is faithful to its owner, protects, strengthens the health, spirit, family, friendships, involves sources of natural energy prosperity and welfare. It promotes healing of many skin diseases, a positive effect in the treatment of liver and stomach.

Sources of natural energy

Image 1: Sources of natural energy.

Sources of natural energy

Image 2: Sources of natural energy.

Sources of natural energy

Image 3: Sources of natural energy.

Amber normalizes the work of the thyroid gland and strengthens immunity. It cleanses toxins and bio-field of negative sources of natural energy and foreign applications. This beautiful stone gives optimistic person, and strengthens faith in ourselves. He obdarovuye owner longevity and appeal, it attracts to trusted friends and family from trouble protecting, strengthening love.

Charoyit gives prudence, relieves nervous tension, makes people resistant to temptation. This stone clears the human soul, thoughts, removes bitterness and hypocrisy makes people softer, kinder, finer.

Jasper helps to cope with failures, granting rights firmness and wisdom. It surrounds the owner of the sources of natural energy of happiness and prosperity, enhances intuition, strengthens health. It is believed that if a man would drink from a cup made of jasper, it will be strong and healthy. Jasper protects the owner of severe trials and protects against evil.

Tourmaline energizes youth to contribute to the conservation of a long time. He gives strength, relieves anxiety, grants a person affability and amplifies the best side of his nature. Tourmaline strengthens marriage and calm surrounding clean energy prosperity.


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