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Student games online.

One of the promising ways of implementing new information technologies in physics teaching method is the use of multimedia capabilities of computers to create high quality, aesthetically decorated educational and student games online programs. Using student games online components promotes activation of cognitive activity and to overcome some psychological barriers on the way of interest in learning and in terms of communicating with the computer.

The authors had developed and successfully introduced the technology to create complex three-dimensional (3D) virtual worlds rich didactic loaded objects that implement the various qualitative and semi-natural (and not only physical) problems.

Creating student games online that engage students online games already familiar with branded products, such as Doom or Quake is quite a complicated problem, which usually settled large groups of authors who rely on strong economic support and spend this kind of work a few months or years. It is clear that for an ordinary teacher, students online games or teacher of such a path is not real.

Extremely popular 3D student games online gave rise to the Script Editor. Initially, these editors are illegally created the strongest players to meet their own needs and the developers of gaming software firms opposed such activities. But later last understood what "piracy" contributes to growing popularity of their products were open and some secrets about data formats and other details of their programs. As a result there are now very accessible script editor for most popular student games online.

The basis scenario has been taken in the virtual maze of travel with very complicated topology. At certain nodal areas at points of branching, placed "signposts" as physical problems, which offer the right solution right road, or access to certain vital resources: energy, weapons and equipment, which will be useful in further stages. Wrong answer, by contrast, leads to spending power, extension of the road, meeting with dangerous objects or entities unnecessary additional questions, and if necessary, for example in the educational alternatives that corrective tips.

As a result, the total time, and possibly the ability to overcome the maze depends on the level of knowledge and skills to solve physics problems. Straying at random in such conditions is certainly losing strategy.

The level of complexity can vary the design phase. The easiest option is to select one of several ready-made answers, suitable for elementary education and training. In extreme versions, eg olympiad destination, even the condition of the task can be defined implicitly, in the style known "puzzles from fragments, and require the player's ability to identify the problem and formulate the condition task, and only then proceed to search for answers that stimulates critical thinking .

Feasibility described the idea was carried out using a specialized editor WEB 3D student games online Studio Company Conitec GmbH. Sample desktop look and plan one of the earliest examples are mazes designed by the authors in Figure 1. Maze has 10 rooms, each with one entrance and three exits. Middle of the room posted additional wall on which is written a question or problem condition. On weekends the walls through which the player can pass through by choices, with only one of them is true - and it shows the correct path to the next room. Choosing the wrong answer, the player gets to the cave. The way back is blocked because of differences floor level and basement rooms. Turning to the common stairs that lead up, the player spends time and has to start traveling again. On the walls of the basement, if necessary, may be placed additional comments and suggestions.


Figure 1 Map of one of the mazes (taken Desktop Editor)

The process of creating the maze is mainly in establishing the corner points, a combination of walls and the height of ceilings and floors formed regions. Almost all operations are carried out in the editor window with the mouse. Wall, ceiling and floor textures assigned colors, indicated start position and active position (actor) and passive (things) objects and routes of movement. Content information is defined as a well-known image format *. RSH. Possible inclusion of animation, text and audio messages, additional menus, maps, weapons, etc.. Actors can be given elements of artificial intelligence, such as the ability to pursue a player or otherwise escape from it, depending on the balance of power. Objects can react to approach them (doors, elevators), or hit a shot (monsters). The editor allows the creation of counter events, recording time, the task of physical traffic conditions (eg friction) and many other features. For their full implementation require some "manual" work on programming files describing the world, but the presence of several levels and show enough detail (about 200 pages), accompanying documentation makes this task quite real for science teachers or students online games.

In Figure 2 shows one of the interior maze produced by momentary shooting during the student games online.


Fig.2 One of the places described maze


Creating the most mazes, with the possibility of operational check is very interesting creative process, it is available even to students online games grade 8 and may be subject to circle the work in physics and computer science.

Minimum hardware resources at 8Mbayt 486 processor and RAM. Prepared to work the software package editor of two labyrinths demos on the hard drive is about 13Mbayt (6Mbayt in the archive). The program works like DOS, and in Windows95/98, but in the latter case, the possible use of more powerful graphics editors, and multi-mode, while editing a maze of pictures, sounds, etc..

Created virtual world with all the resources can be compactly compiled for further dissemination and use separately from the editor, but the possibility of amending gets lost. Volume vidkompilovanoho module course is 1,3 Mbayt, depending on the number of used textures and objects.

Let us detail on the nature of physical tasks that can be included in the virtual world.

The simplest, but not the most interesting case when the task is text with appropriate pictures, drawings, schemes and options for answers are drawn in the form of pictures and placed in the correct places on the walls of the maze. This option is similar to the mechanized collection of tests, but also has the right to exist, especially given the possibility of packet replacing some other tasks.

Student games online

Student games online image 1.

But the chances of the world allows the editor and specific student games online requires more refined, more subtle ways of presentation and perception of feedback information.

One such approach, called him "walk on the graphs ..." is that the graphics desired physical dependence or process, such as changing speed of the body over time, or family izoprotsesiv in gases is presented as an ornament on the floor rather large room. Each line graph leads to a release. Disguise questions, such as a hint to the maximum path, or at constant temperature is a hint: on a timetable to move the player to reach the right door.

Another option is to go to chart a real gas so as not to get into the area of liquid phase existence - no wet feet. " The same task can be made within each section of physics.

A second promising approach - a virtual physical laboratory. For example, there are several inclined planes - ramps, with different angles. It is necessary to determine the friction coefficient  own feet on the pavement surface plane, based on the known correlation. The resulting output value will tell. The secret is that the program takes into account the friction force when calculating the player movement: with enough inclined plane it will slip down. Auxiliary scales scaled the walls and floor for determining slope simply dividing the two numbers.

Student online games

Student online games image two.

An interesting problem is to develop scenarios to the rational use of an obligatory attribute of arcade student games online - various weapons. Battle not with monsters is our task. But suppose that in it the player has two types of charges: with elastic and elastic (or even sticky) bullets. This outfit gives wide scope for manipulating the laws of conservation of energy and momentum can adjust the frequency of vibration of the pendulum naliplyayuchy to load additional mass cut off unnecessary parts of machinery and electrical circuits, etc..

Weapons - "flamethrower" can serve as a heater, causing thermal expansion of gases, liquids, solids and increase the motion of molecules affect the resistivity, magnetic and dielectric properties of substances. So you can change the frequency oscillatory circuits, geometric dimensions of bodies, gas pressure in the system, transfer of matter from one state to another aggregate. Chance and the opposite option, "cooler", such as jet liquid nitrogen, or what savings there, liquid helium, and still in a state of superfluidity! In short very broad perspective.

For optical experiments just need a set of colored lasers, and color choices are worthy to read physics: the wave length, or even by chemical formula or structure of energy levels in the working environment.

Finally, we will remember gun for ion implantation of impurities in semiconductors and sprinklers, charged dielectric materials for correcting CAPACITANCE or insulating foam insulation for transformation processes in adiabatic.

The above ideas, some of which have been tested, and others are in work, have shown that using the script editor, you can create very sophisticated educational student games online and different sections of physics, attracting student online games not only walk through the maze and destroy monsters, and and satisfaction of a handwritten address another problem situation, from the reliability of acquired knowledge.

A few words about the use of the described programs.

It is clear that not every school and every classroom teacher of physics at hand have a computer. Clearly the fact that complex and multifaceted process of learning can not replace itself the most interesting student games online.

Setting a task to create educational and student games online programs, the authors have in mind, primarily using them to provoke a healthy intellectual competition, such as the third round of informal private competition after the usual rounds of theoretical and experimental, at city or region . This application allows to underline the festivity events provide a kind of cultural program for participants to clearly inform students, especially from rural schools, the possibilities of modern information technology at this level is possible, at least in some changes to provide each participant with computer work place.

If conditions in a particular school, it is advisable to use video student games online for the atmosphere of competition during extracurricular activities, such as private parties. Having at least two computers, you can advance to the previous selection meeting, and in the finals and Semi hold public intellectual competition show, with projections on the big screen, fans, support team, art rooms, award winners, and more.

You may question: "how overcoming the labyrinth corresponds to the actual level of knowledge of physics may be winning the one who runs better and faster presses on the button?". To test the adequacy of the results of the student games online, the authors conducted a series of research involving students online games at the Lyceum 9klasu HDPU student online games and physicists 3 course.

Student games in online

Student games in online image third.

At the Lyceum pupils was conducted first experimental verification, it is possible to fill gaps for further testing program.

The student games online was attended by two groups of third year students online games of 20 people in the group. Test program was conducted in the form of competition. The winner recognized the player who broke the maze for the shortest period of time. The passage of the maze other players recorded, after which participants receive points proportional to the speed of overcoming distance.

Typical results of the two groups are shown in Figure 1.

- The first group - grade 9 students of the Lyceum;

- second group - students online games, Physics 3 course.

From the graphs shows that the average speed to overcome the maze 3 grade students online games is higher than the pupils, which can be explained by a greater knowledge of physics. A wide range of results is due not only to the level of knowledge of physics, but also varying degrees of relationship with the participants and the computer student games online program in general.

Modern experience says that the problem of improving the efficiency of training can be solved by computers. Widespread introduction of computers in learning the basics of science necessitates the transformation of traditional theories and methods of knowledge transfer in new information technology training, the essence of which is to increase efficiency and effectiveness study of physics by using factors qualitatively higher level.

The method of learning the student games online "Labyrinth" in the study of physics allows for the educational process before any task.

It was a sharp decrease in time spent on checking students learning and using it in practice (in solving specific problems). Above chart confirms this.

It should be emphasized on increasing the share of independent work of students, it also creativity in achieving this goal.

And, last, application of computer capabilities (such as: brightness, sound, etc.) in the learning process brings an element of interest in solving this problem pupil. Because the main purpose of the classroom teacher to students online games interested in studying the subject.

The use of "Labyrinth" identifies promising new information technologies in educational process.


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