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Thoughts for the day humor.

"People are willing to pay more money for entertainment than knowledge." Do not remember who is this phrase, but I wonder more and more on the role thoughts for the day humor and laughter in communicating at all? Entertaining? Yes, but not only. Peacekeeping? Absolutely. Medicine? Communicative? ..

One thing is indisputable: the roles of these can count, that fingers are not enough.

All people need to communicate with each other. But for some reason is it that someone wants to meet more often and talk longer, but we neglect trydesyatoyu other way. Why is this so? And, equally important, can be considered normal for this situation? On this account, there are many different opinions.

It turns out that such selection, the division of all the nation to "those" and "not those" going on in our heads somewhere in the subconscious level. Because we always prefer hearing from people who have sense thoughts for the day humor, and those who perceive all too seriously trying to avoid. It helps create good thoughts for the day humor during the conversation relaxed atmosphere, you can even say psychological comfort. When we laugh, we feel freer, but those close to us become closer. You probably will not ever felt during a long conversation, the need to relax, relieve tension? Even very serious things are perceived much easier and much better remembered when they have at least a little thoughts for the day humor.

A well-developed sense thoughts for the day humor helps us keep our same sense of dignity. Protect us from compassion for themselves (and sometimes so eager to pat themselves holivontsi). Sometimes that is enough to make the specific situation in a comic element - and life begins at the sight miraculously transformed!

At a seminar on psychology considered an interesting question: "What do those who can not make jokes?". For it is these troubles, which themselves do not know how to laugh, and others do not understand jokes. Even offended. I pity them because they do not know that thoughts for the day humor can manifest not only in the ability to make jokes. When you pidkolyuyesh someone. The best way to show that you fiddle - is the ability to enjoy the jokes of others. And you can also learn.

This story of one girl who took over from his father a very nice feature - and positively perceive the world able to find a way out of any situation. "When I was little, our whole family every year in the same day I visited the park to watch fireworks on the holiday. But once the weather spoil the sky and covered with gray clouds. We could admire the bright lights fireworks, but we could hear their good volleys. Yes, the mood was spoiled in all, everyone complained about the weather, because it shows the eagerly awaited all year. Here, the situation has taken over his father: Every time chulysya shots, he cried, pointing to the sky: "Wow! What a sight! You just look! "My friends at first did not understand his jokes, and then started laughing and did not notice the mood all up."

"Never in my life I was glad as fireworks, which are not seen - she remembers has grown - and it was then that I realized one thing: to be able to enjoy life under any circumstances - this is real art."

It's art - what should strive to master each! Whew!

Laughing horoscope.

Sometimes someone tells a joke that you think is funny, and your friend and not lead the eye and did not even smile. But astronomers say that the different zodiac signs and thoughts for the day humor are perceived differently. That's it! Read and take note.

Ovny laugh with jokes and flat kutsyh that says: "Here is ridiculous!" Special delight is "Texas" thoughts for the day humor ("Throw the gun Mr. Evans, it will not take you!") Tell this joke Ovnu-flexible laughter is delayed.

Taurus like jokes where you have to essentially dokopatsya and anecdotes about Sknar: Scotsman lahodyv roof and jumped. Flew past the kitchen window, my wife had to shout to the bottom and was preparing to poritsiyu less. "

The twins must Knowing joke. They really appreciate the "quality" thoughts for the day humor. Like jokes about roads and cars. Twins first laugh of the narrator then all others.

Cancer will never laugh with no limbs. Something about romantic love. Cancers of the jokes laugh to tears and laughter, infecting all around.

Lions love jokes about Petka of Str. He seem to prefer simple, unassuming thoughts for the day humor that makes dokopuvatysya not to the point.

Virgin do really love to laugh. Like scientific anecdotes. And laugh from the very beginning is a joke is a joke, not a lecture on biology, they say.

Theres more to the taste of soft thoughts for the day humor, obhidlyvyy, polite. Ideally suited to English thoughts for the day humor. You can of Holmes or Watson with some of the English lord. But words like salted with anecdotes thrown better.

Scorpio likes black thoughts for the day humor with a taste of optimism. Favorite characters is anecdotal monsters, ghosts and all sorts of evil. So Carlson with the bank they like to jam.

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Image 1: Thoughts for the day humor

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thoughts for the day humor

Image 3: Thoughts for the day humor

Sagittarius-humor fans optimistic, but have somewhat slowed reaction (well, maybe not all). But when it comes to them, then laugh long and loud.

Capricorn likes bearded jokes. Laughing with anecdotes about people guilty of Polar Regions. The worship precise aphorisms.

Aquarius adore thoughts for the day humor in fantasy, where the main characters are Harry Potter or Frodo from Hendolf. You can tell more about Aquarius four musketeers, Martians and flying carpets.

Fishes in the company, as a spy in the enemy rear, so they pleased anecdotes about his adventures and Stirlitz. Thoughts for the day humor for the fish to be with zest.


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