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Kharkov athletes were on the first cast to an end in Sumy, Ukraine's winter championship in athletics. Thus, Anatoly Dougal with the result of six one hundredth as much as 63 seconds, won the distance of 60 meters, Eugene Snigur was the best 60-timetrovke hurdles, ran it for 8.18. Victoria Molchanov, fly at 6 feet 47 inches became a champion of the country in the long jump.

Women-skier Olympic gold medal in giant slalom is sent to the United States. Julia Mancuso won the first attempt, do not let him get ahead in the second. On the sum of the two races she sixty-seven hundredths of a second ahead of nearest presledovatelnitsu Tanya PutiAynen from Finland. And "Bronze" at the Swede Anna Ottoson. Ukrainian skier Anna SiparEnko showed thirty-fifth result.

"Krasona save the world" - the so-called international tournament in rhythmic gymnastics, which culminated in Kharkov.
On the composition of the participating tournament organized with the support of the Kharkov Regional Public Organization "Our Ukraine, the Way to maybutnogo, it was the time to learn the geography of Ukraine and abroad. For the awards come to fight young gymnasts from Chisinau and Belgorod, Kiev and Simferopol, Evpatoria and Odessa, Lugansk and Makeyevka, Donetsk, and Chernigov. Eight sports schools was presented to Kharkov.

Andrei Rudenko, deputy city council
"The fact is that children - our future. They live in our Ukraine and not divide it into regions. Let all their quarrels are here. Let all their ambitions, they show in the sport, and I think the more of these holidays, so will, firstly, the brighter the lives of our children, and happier our lives - love. "

For many, the very young, the young five-year grace, it was generally the first competition in life. And for the most experienced gymnasts tournament organized with the support of the Kharkov Regional Public Organization "Our Ukraine, to maybutnogo Way" became a good test before the competition at the highest international level. In general, regardless of the place occupied by athletes, there were no losers.


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